Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am My Own Mystery

My thought for the day. (The one that managed to get out of my brain and into my blog unlike so many other thoughts that just go to die somewhere I'll never know.)

Mothers who work in the field of technology are a mystery, even to those of us who do IT. We all wonder, how DO they do it? How do they FIND the time? It's not that Mothers who work in other fields aren't also a mystery. It's a wonder how all Mothers manage to fit it all in and still be there for husbands, kids, careers, friends, dogs, hamsters, blogs, death, and taxes — in no particular order.

There is something to be said for how publicized a Mommy Tech's life can be with the advent of blogs and other public steam vents. More than ever before, this brings some kind of hidden truth to the surface for all to see if only through a looking glass.

Finding time happens somewhere in between feeding your own passions which motivates you to MAKE the time to explore your curiosity. Never stop being curious. Keep building the mystery. TIME will find you.

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