Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rebel With A Cause, Baby!

I am pleased to announce my very first blog comment give-away!
Leave a comment and win a prize!
Look at this cool t-shirt my kiddo is wearing!
Wanna know where I got it?
Tired of the same old pink and blue?
Make a sta
tement with something fun and new!
Launch the rebellion!
Click on the button below and che
ck out Rebel Ink Baby!
Choose from many witty designs for babies and toddlers.

Wanna send a message to a loved one?
Have something to say?
The rebellion has begun
in an extraordinary way!
Check out the many expressions at Rebel Ink Baby.
You can win your very own
Rebel Ink Baby Onesie
just by leaving a comment!

Here's the kiddo to show you your prize. Even he can't believe it!
It's shocking, but, yes, it's that easy!
Just enter a comment on my blog post here

and this adorable onesie and black pacifier can be yours!
The onesie has "100 percent orgasmically grown" pri
nted on the front.
Wait till you see where they print their logo!

C'mon, you know it's true! Why not just tell it like it is?!
Win it for a friend or use it for a baby shower gift.
Win it because maybe you've never won anything.
Win it because I said so! Enter a comment just to make me feel good.

Here are some other images of the items inside the b
ox pictured.

This contest will end on April 17th.
At that time,
I will pick a random
comment and ship the prize out
within 2 business days.

Enter this contest because it's way more fun than doing your taxes!

Be sure to leave me some way of contacting you.
I'll need to know who you are and where to ship your prize.
If you have your own blog, I can usually get your email address from your link
if you've set it up so you don't have to display your email address if you don't want to.
You can also leave a comment and then email me directly to be sure I have your contact information. My email is: themacmommy (at) gmail (dot com).
(Be nice to me, no spamming please!)
Put "Rebel Ink Baby Give-away" in the subject line so I'll know it's not a spammer.

Good Luck!

Thanks for supporting my site!