December 7, 2007

404 bore

darn it! I'm trying to get my website up and going but the DNS servers are still not posting it. grrrrrrr
I'm just being impatient. I know. We live in such an instantly-gratifying world though. I'm spoiled. I don't even have my site designed yet, but I just wanted to play around with iWeb and Cyberduck and take it for a test drive. I actually managed to get into a zone and stay focused on ONE project – my website – and now I'm bummed. I keep clicking the refresh button. Nadda.

Well, I did find a cool new widget. It's a twitter widget. It's almost as cool as the blogger widget except that the blogger widget is small and I like to write a little more than the window will comfortably hold. I also wish it had a place to plunk in an image file. I have to use the web interface in order to do that. Oh well.

Well, I suppose I should attempt to try and fall asleep. I'll have a good reason to get up in a few hours to check and see if the page is loaded.

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