December 10, 2007

website is up

Yay! Finally, my website is live and at least it's something to look at other than a 404 error. I think I like the logo I've designed. I think it's grown on me now. I'm not crazy about the whole red and green color scheme though. I like it in the logo but I'm not liking it on the blog. I need to play around with the color scheme some more and try to find some better eye-friendly colors. I figured out how to change the font to Comic Sans but I don't want everything in that font so I have to go back and see where to fix it where I messed up.

I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about what to put on my site in the contact area.

I've discovered it's really hard to write a simple bio with less than 1200 characters. I'm tring to decide where to put the more detailed bio. It's not like I'm that much of an interesting person, but I like to spell everything out for my own personal reflection later.

well, I did twitter that I was going to bed, but I wanted to at least put a website update out here in case anyone decides to check it out.

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