January 14, 2008

Virtually Social

I'm finally starting to do some really FUN things with my computer and it's so exciting. To me anyhow. I'm finally making movie clips and blogging and sharing photos — more regularly. I'm amazed at all of the free services there are and how easy it is to get yourself out there so you can connect with friends and family. The frustrating part is trying to fit in the time to do more of it. Sometimes I would rather play on my computer than sleep. It's like an obsession. But, then again, I'm also obsessed with trying to come to terms with my lack of doing something fun for just me instead of my son, my husband, my family, my clients, my students. So, if I have to sacrifice some sleep in the name of fun, so be it! (I'll probably regret that come play time later this morning.)

I have a funny story I just have to share. This will also be a test to see if a certain friend ever reads this blog. Just to illustrate what a dork I am, this was one of the best emails I've gotten in a long while. It shows just how a simple message can mean so much when it seems like so little to everyone else. People really discount emailing and using the computer to communicate, but it's so much more to me. It really is an outlet to me. A window. A portal.

Yeah, yeah, so is actually going outside of the house and taking a walk. Or picking up the phone and calling someone. Or going to the mall or a bar and having a drink.

I'm working on getting to doing those things, I really am, but it's just not that easy with a toddler. It's a huge task just to go out back and play outside let alone packing up, picking up, getting dressed and getting out of the house. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself anymore! A little person follows me around everywhere and if he's not following me, it means he is getting into trouble somewhere else. I'm just not adjusted to this yet. But I am working on it. I might even actually meet a real live person soon and make a new friend! I might actually go on one of those play date things soon. We'll see how it goes.

So, emailing and reading blogs and making movies and taking pictures...that...for now...is my outlet when I make time to squeeze it in. It IS how I choose to socialize right now. No one else is awake when I'm up late for feedings and doing the stuff I can't do any other time of the day. It's a lonely life at times and this is what keeps me company and sane and from feeling like I can only talk about making cows go moo and dogs go woof and what color is this and what color is that and how many is this.

Anyhow, on with the anecdote:

Just recently, my college roommate emailed me and I have to admit, it was the highlight of my day. Her subject line read: "I need your opinion asap." I don't get many emails from said roommate, but we've been keeping in touch all these years (been BFF since the late 90s). We're both so busy with our lives, you know how it goes. She is super corporate woman and I'm super procrastinator mom with a blog, yippee. I rarely shave my legs any more. I haven't painted my toe nails in over a year, just for the record. (Well, actually, I haven't asked NATE to paint my toenails in over a year.)

So, she sends me this email and attached are two digital photos of her in two different dresses. She wants to know MY opinion on which one she should wear to a company party she's going to soon. Obviously, she remembers me at a time when I DID paint my toe nails and DID shave my legs. I promptly wrote her back and stated my reasons for why she should go with the black and white over the blue and black. I told her that her shoes were sexy, the black and white was much more figure flattering and that it made her boobs look great!

I also started working out again these past two days because the weight I've gained is driving me nuts. Not to mention, she looked really great in those dresses and my right arm wouldn't look half as good. My right arm alone would probably wiggle a lot more than her whole body in that dress too.

You know how musicians write sappy love songs? Well, this is my version of a sappy blog to my good friend.

Thank you for making me feel like we're closer than we are.
Seems like just yesterday we were painting our eyelashes together in the dorm room mirror and getting ready to go out to the bars.
Seems like just yesterday we stumbled back to our dorm together and fell asleep as the room was spinning. Was it going in the same direction for you? I wonder.
Seems like just yesterday when our vacuum cleaner broke and together we crawled on the floor picking up all of the fuzzies and dirt we could find to make the carpet clean. We didn't care if it was toe jam!
Seems like just yesterday when we struggled to adjust the rabbit ears on your old tv set so we could watch the X Files together.
And now today we live one either sides of the country with our husbands, our homes and our new found friends. You with your black lab and me with my busy toddler. Our lives prevent us from gabbing on the phone so much.
But you took the time to ask ME my opinion on what to wear while you were getting ready and that means a lot to me. Just like the good old days. It's been so long since I've given anyone fashion advice besides rolling up the pant legs on my child's sweatpants because they are a size too big yet.
Sometimes I think of you when I'm crawling around on my living room floor picking up cheerios and dried up playdoh.

So, thank you friend for reminding me that I'm also someone's friend who has opinions and ideas and who cares about how your boobs look in a dress. Mine look just as good in a nursing bra, but some day I'll dress them up and when I do, I'll take a picture and email it to you and ask you which outfit is the best.

I raise my sippee cup to you, to friends, to broadband, pixels, and the qwerty keyboard — may our cups always runneth over with wine (or apple juice) and cleavage for everyone to share!


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