February 9, 2008

Call Off the Adoption

Ok, so I'm no longer putting my kid up for adoption. The laptop booted up and has been – knock wood – working fine since this morning. It survived having diluted apple juice spilled across part of the keyboard and speaker and I'm happily typing from my responsive keyboard once again. Leaving it in tent position all night with the battery removed was good joo joo evidently. The return key feels slightly sticky, but I'll live. I have yet to test out the optical drive, but I have faith that it will be alright. I have a feeling that when the internal temp rises as I do higher processor grinding tasks, the keys might get a little stickier. It's just a theory and only time and lots of banging the keys will tell. Maybe it will turn into crunchy granola after a while.

Last night I used Hubby's G4 to look up the servicing manual for a MacBook Pro. I also looked at lots of pictures of the machine taken apart. There is no way in hell I'm ever going to attempt taking this thing apart. Unless I win the lottery that I never play, then maybe. Browsing through all of the photos of the assembly parts made me appreciate this little machine even more as well as the steep price tag. It also makes me a little more paranoid and on even more of a mission to toddler-proof it more. I think I'm going to buy one of those keyboard condoms for it sometime soon.

I wonder if they make them ribbed for my pleasure?

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