February 29, 2008

Have Fun Friday

Wanna do something fun? Does a bear use Charmin hanging from a tree branch in the woods? Of course you do! Mrs. Flinger has a post called Flashback Friday which was inspired by some other cool bloggers and I thought it looked like so much fun so I had to join in and post a link to it here. (well actually, back a few words where the text changes color, you know.)

The game is you share a post about a song from way back when (whenever is way back when for you) that changed your life somehow. Then share the links on your blog with us and we'll share yours. Like OMG! It will be so bitchin'!

Not quite sure how to define "life changing," so we'll leave that up to you. For me, child birth as a life changing event somehow trumps the time when I said I was "going to the Library" when in fact I actually um, well, you know... but here's the kicker, the soundtrack was "Kingdom Come" the 1988 album. (it was a knock-off Led Zeppelin band - but of course Zep rules!) I think I'm going to be ill just thinking about that experience. (and how bad of a band they were)

I posted a month ago on a related topic about Dire Straits' Money for Nothing. If you decide to read that post, watch out for the profanity. And the sex. Nah, just profanity, I was just trying to get you to click there. Wait, oh yeah, there's a little bit of sex in that one, I almost forgot!

So, have some fun with this. Leave me some comments and links to your posts so we can all share and sigh a collective sigh about a time when Michael Jackson was still an attractive and relatively sane black man, George Michael was a hot straight man and I wanted to be "havin' his baby," and Whitney Houston was sober and made me believe in the children and that she was serious about it.

Could this be kind of like passing notes around in 5th grade? (except without the getting in trouble part? suh-weet!)

Oh, and if I still have your attention, what was the name of that origami-looking finger game thing with the numbers and colors? I can't even think of what it's called to google it, but if someone has instructions for making one, I would so love to see it.

If you too used to sing "I'm Your Penis" instead of "I'm Your Venus" drop me a comment.

If you remember when it was cool to wear hot pink and aqua together, send me some comment love.

If I can get at least 10 comments on this post, I'll go dig out my high school year book and scan a picture of me with big hair and post it.

Like you care, but I thought I'd try it anyhow. I don't know why I think that is such a reward, but I have been meaning to do it anyhow just for fun.

Comment motivation is a good thing because I've lost count how many times I've had to put this laptop down and go prevent my child from harming himself or something in the house. You think it should be easy to type a couple of words and click the publish button, but nooooo. Not at my house where constant interruption is king.

You know you're either really, really old or a Mother when you look forward to nap time and bed time all the time.

Have fun!

Put your link in the comments and I'll try to list the participants as I read em'.
Mrs. Flinger
Her Bad Mother
Oh The Joys
Girl’s Gone Child


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