February 7, 2008

It's a Dark Day for TheMacMommy

Well, the days has come. They day I knew would probably come and even tried so hard to guard against. I am writing this post on my good 'ol noisy G4 that I have since bestowed upon Hubby. Why? The MacBook Pro is drying out upside down, laying on my pillow. Yes, Lucian decided that the laptop was thirsty and so he gave it a drink of some diluted apple juice.


I watch as the clock ticks by till the time when I can boot the laptop back up and hope and pray I hear that musical chime of the startup. It happened at 1:00 pm this afternoon, so it will be around that time tomorrow afternoon before I attempt to put the battery back in it and press the power button.

I will now truly live up to my moniker of The MacMommy because I feel like I am literally "Mommying" my MBP, letting it lay on my pillow while it weeps diluted apple juice tears, letting it rest and hoping it gets better and recovers. I go in every now and then and touch it and look at it and speak softly to it and kiss it. Ok, just kidding about the kissing part.

It is painful to type on my old keyboard on the G4 right now because I am really noticing the speed gap in processing power from this G4 to the MBP. The letters seems to lag behind the cursor as I type. Bleh. I don't know how Hubby puts up with this, but I suppose it's better than the blueberry iMac he did have which is now the brain of Lucian's tangerine iMac in his room. Sorry boys, Mamma's got the need for speed!

What pisses me off is I KNEW this would happen eventually and there isn't much of a way to prevent it save being extremely careful...yeah, yeah, yeah, don't keep liquids near the damn thing...oh just bite me! I have a toddler for crying out loud. I don't know what padded cell those people live in but come to my house and design a machine that is toddler proofed and you'll get my seal of approval. Sony or whoever makes one of those what do they call it, a tough book or something like that. Well, if it ran OS X and was as powerful as a Mac, I would buy one but hey, the Mac Book Pro is everything I need to be happy and make some ROI. If only it weren't so damn perty and more durable.

Well, we will find out just how durable this thing is after tomorrow. We'll see if it survives yet another toddler attack we can add to the list. Prior attacks include: a 30 lb. toddler standing on it, Lucian wiping his boogers on it, being dropped onto carpet, yanking on the screen, banging on the keys, scratches, slamming the screen shut while smiling and running away saying Bye Bye, wiping banana sludge on it, yanking the power cord out of it repeatedly (thank God for Mag-safe) and sliding it under the sofa to hide it only for someone to sit on the sofa and drill a part of the sofa frame into the lid. Yeah, that produced a nice looking ding on the lid.

All I can say is that the thing looks loved, let me tell ya. Maybe I'll take some pictures of it some time.

Oh yeah, about that. Lucian also broke the digital camera yesterday. He is on a roll. Luckily, after much sweating and teeth grinding and complaining to Hubby about it, finally I stuck my fingernail in the edge of the shutter and tried seeing if perhaps a grain of dirt got in it and thankfully something came loose and the shutter finally closed and now the camera works again.

Well, Hubby and Dr. Destructor are now hangin with me in the computer lounge a.k.a the home office and it's just a matter of time before he finds something else to feed or play with or otherwise break in which case he will be put up for adoption.

Anyone want a really cute 30 lb. toddler? He comes with computer hacking skills. Leave a comment if you want me to drop him off.


  1. No thanks to the toddler, and yikes to the spill!!! Surprisingly, after 3 kids playing on our different computers from JumpStart Baby until now...we've never had a spill. I know you didn't want to hear that. Sorry. And I probably just jinxed myself.

  2. OMG...I love your view on things, and you're awesome. Yes, it would have happened eventually. I am a grown up and extremely careful, but STILL had a cat dump a full cup of coffee on the keyboard of my desktop. I now have a VERY old spill proof keyboard. Can't remember where I got it, but the beautiful black Dell keyboard is history. Thank you, cat.


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