March 28, 2008


I miss my husband. Lately we're just passing ships. He's been so busy taking additional courses for the life-suck also known as NCLB. I've bitched about it before. I'll bitch about it some more before it's all over I'm sure.

I've been busy keeping our toddler entertained or maybe it's the other way around. I love being with my little guy, don't get me wrong, but when I get the opportunity to go on a house call or do some freelance work, I jump at it. I neeeeeed to get awaaaaaay. STEP AWAY from THE CHILD. I need to go away where I can get the friggin Doodlebops songs out of my head!

I love to get in the car — just GET IN THE CAR, close the door, put my seatbelt on and drive off.

It's a nice change from: check the diaper bag to be sure it's packed and stocked with diapers, snacks that are something different than the previously disintegrating cheerios, cereal bits and crackers and oh gawd how long has this water been in this cup? Are those sea monkeys floating around in there? Lucian — bring me your shoes, we have to goooow — no, those don't fit you anymore — oh jeeze, how do you grow such huge rocks in your nose, that's just disgusting, could you please work on a diamond next time? Thanks. Come on! Let me brush your hair, it looks like birds abandoned their nest on your head. When did Flock of Seagulls get back together? What's that smell? Oh MAN! I just changed you 5 minutes ago and NOW the apple juice decides to work it's magic after 2 days? Ugh, come on, let's go, thank God these shoes don't have laces. Great, the diaper pail is full. Come on, yes you can help put the key in the lock, ok, ya know what sweetie, let me help you with that, yes, you must wear your sunglasses, ok you can close the gate, Thank you, such a big helper! (such a big, slow, methodical little perfectionist of a helper) No, come over to this side of the car, this is your door. Ugh! You're a piece of lead! Ok, this clips in here and that clicks and then this side clicks, errr, uh, ok, is that tight enough? Good. Here's your book, kiss kiss. Off we go! Yay! Car go vrooom vrooom! (tires go smokey smokey) (hah, in my dreams)

I've been taking on some more house calls lately because the snow birds are here. I like to take advantage of this opportunity to make some extra money for us since we plan on traveling out east this summer. I also just picked up some new clients since my evening class size more than doubled this year. It has been really really nice and I've made so many new friends so for that I am extremely grateful and happy. I just wish there was more freedom to do it more and make myself even more available. Needless to say, all this business in our lives has created a bit of a


between the Mr. and I.

Lucky for us, we're soul mates so we're handling it as best we can.

Sometimes it helps to be a little creative.

We usually always keep hard-boiled eggs on hand because they make a good snack here and there. We usually hard boil half of the dozen eggs in a carton, so to keep the hard boiled eggs differentiated from the fresh, we always draw a little 'H' on the tops of all the eggs with a marker before putting them back into the egg carton.

I don't know what made me think to do this, but I started writing little love notes and messages on the bottoms of the eggs as I was marking them with an 'H.' I enjoy the opportunity now and again to use my fancy handwriting to pen an 'I love you' or our initials or 'You're the Best' and then put them back into the carton message side down. Hubby enjoys getting his little love notes this way — it's just something different and especially when he takes one off to school with his lunch for the day.

This past week, he decided to play along. I was delighted to find a half dozen hard-boiled eggs with little love notes scribbled on them. I was so proud of myself because I even resisted the urge to pick up each one and read it! Instead, I waited each day and looked forward to the next message.

Well, I just wanted to share that little story. I don't know if anyone else has ever done this, but I encourage you to try it sometime. It's fun and simple — low tech even! I think it would be fun for your kids' lunches too. Handwritten notes are always nice no matter what form. Once in a while I even put a post-it note on the door knob with a love note on it before going to bed so he sees it when he leaves in the morning.

I would like to know if you have any other creative ideas for putting a little somethin' somethin' in your marriage or relationship.

Share your ideas here in the comments. I'd love to hear about it and maybe try something new out on the Hubby. (or, since he reads my blog sometime, maybe a suggestion for him to try! Hey! Help me out here!!)

Who needs Valentines Day or Easter to enjoy some romantic egg notes?!

If you decide to participate, take pictures, email me or comment and tell me your story! Maybe you're looking for a way to propose to your girlfriend? Need to tell your husband you're pregnant? Write it out on the bottom of an egg. Just put the word "fertilized" on it and then ask him to go make you an egg sandwich or something. I would do this myself, except we already have a signal to let my husband know if I'm pregnant. I'll put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal box in the fridge. That's how we figured it out the first time!

Have Fun! Write notes!


  1. hello! nice blog and website! i like the egg story. that's a good idea, too. every time i go to the post office i get the boy some chocolate or sweets. that way he gets a lot of surprise presents when he gets home :-)

  2. Love your blog!

    Little bits of love go a long way in keeping a marriage fresh. Years ago we went to Marriage Encounter. One of the couples emphasized touch. When I talk to Ron, i make sure to hold or touch his hand. When we sit together, I put a hand on his arm or leg. I have found that when we are not touching, it is a sign of tension building. Time to work harder!

    Pat from

  3. Hey girl! Your description of leaving the house with a toddler could not have been more right on! Sorry...I don't miss it. AT ALL. Now it's "girls, get your shoes on and meet me in the car." :)
    No...I don't have romantic advice for you, and I'll be checking your comments to see what other peeps say!!!

  4. one of my students gave me an "earworm" (Ger. "Ohrwurm" a song that gets stuck in your head)--the most perdurable, inexpungible and merciless "earworms" of them all (okay, maybe second to "Dominic the Donkey")-- that seems fitting here with the get-your-kid-ready-to-go theme:
    "Let's get on the bus...(Go here and there)...Let's get on the bus...(Go everywhere)..."
    Damn Doodlebops

  5. Hey, you with the comment envy! Here's a comment!

    I think true joy comes from shared enterprise. Do something together, even if it's something that would usually mostly appeal to one of you. One time my sweetie rented a movie that was probably not ever going to make it to the top of her list, but she knew I would love it... I was so happy, sitting there with her watching a movie she'd picked out to make me happy.

  6. Coming up on 30 wonderful years together. Two things we've done from the beginning: Once a quarter, one of us plans a secret weekend getaway for both. When our kids were young, it was especially important, because they didn't come along. it was a time for the two of us to relax, be romantic and reconnect with the magic. The other thing we do is that every Wednesday is date night. Except for rare occasions, I leave the office at 5 on the dot and we go out for dinner and do something fun. Sometimes it's just hangin out at Borders, but it's a weekly reminder that our partnership is the most important thing in our lives. I guess the real secret is, in all of our time together, we've never stopped courting. We do morning, noon and night cards on every conceivable holiday, we PDA (public display of affection) big time and remember that we are still two very different individuals who made the decision to throw in together... for life.. Hope this helps!

    Scott W. (WScottW3 on Twitter)


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