March 7, 2008

Logo Tweak

It's been bugging me for a while now, so I've decided to tweak my logo. I haven't yet ordered business cards and my website and blog is only beginning to get some traffic, so I figure now is the time. There was just something about the space in between the 'T' and the 'he' in the 'The' that I didn't like. Plus, The top of the 'T' kind of reminds me of a tree top. So, to keep with the whole apple, apple tree, apple seeds = learning symbolism (which also works nicely with Apple products for which I am a major cheerleader), I decided to make the top arm of the 'T' green to reflect that feeling. I also decided to extend the 'Y' at the end of Mommy to make it more prominent. Lately as I've been giving out my email address, the question I always get is a rather silly one "that's mommy with a 'Y', right?" Well, I suppose you could spell Mommy with 'IE' as in Mommie, but that's just awkward, isn't it? Stranger things have happened. The other reason I wanted to tweak the 'The' was to make it a little more prominent as well since it's very important that the article 'The' be recognized or else you'll get the wrong Mommy on the internet. (just plain old macmommy was already spoken for in various forms from screen names to email and web address, so that's why I chose to put The in front of it, not because I'm a conceited know it all. I know about as much as any other Mommy knows out there so, and Mommy knows best, so take that however you want to.)

So here are the results. I'm just going to update my blog and take some time to reflect on it before updating my website and Twitter pages. I want to see if it grows on me. (I think the seeds still need some refining.) I'm really not super crazy about using red and green either, but it just works so well with the contrast. Green is very techie and the deep red is passionate, warm and highly visible. The two colors together are organic looking which is such a contrast to the technology I use. It also works because it goes with my philosophy of uniting people with technology. Well, I hope the new logo will be liked by others even though it's me who has to live with it.

New Logo:Old Logo:

[Edit] I've decided to edit this post to add a few more details about the logo design just because I'm waiting for 200 photos to finish uploading and can't really work on the next project till they are done.

Another subject I want to note in this post is about the fonts I chose to use. 'The' and '.com' as well as the tagline are set in Bossa Nova Plain. Bossa Nova is a highly stylized font so I don't intend to use it for much else except for maybe an accent in type design on other pieces. 'MacMommy' is set using Tekton Pro Bold. I had considered other fonts for this like Chalkboard, Marker Felt and dare I say even Comic Sans.

I couldn't bring myself to use Comic Sans though because I have a thing against M$ and that is a M$ font. It just wouldn't be true to my Mac roots if I used it for my logo design. In my warped little mind, it feels almost sac religious to use it in any design when I'm discussing the Macintosh platform. The only reason I even considered it is because it's a very popular font among those in the teaching field. I do currently use Comic Sans as the text font on my website only because it's readily available on PC and Mac so the chances of having it load properly to view as I intended it are high. My intended target audience for that website is really parents and educators and so Comic Sans is a font their eye is accustomed to viewing when it relates to an educational resource. I don't have too much of a problem using it for body copy or even my email signature because it is cross-platform, but for my logo or something that I personally identify with, no, I won't use it.

There is a time and place for certain fonts. Different fonts are appropriate for different pieces of a design. Some function better than others and some flow with a theme better. Overall, readability is my main concern.

I decided to go with Tekton ultimately because it was a more technical looking font yet still has an organic feel to it. (Makes sense since it was originally created for use with architectural design.) The original Tekton family as well as the newer Adobe Tekton Pro release shows promise and expandability for using it with larger amounts of body copy or text since there are several weights available. I'm still experimenting with different fonts for larger amounts of text, so the colophon is still in development.


  1. I like the new logo better. My only question is why did you capitalize motherboard? Just wondering.

  2. Lance, that's a good question. Thanks for asking. I know it is grammatically incorrect, but in my casual writing, I normally capitalize Mother or Mom or Dad when I write simply because I just think parents are important people and feel I'm paying respect by capitalizing the word as if it were an official title. To me, Mom or Dad is just as important as President or Manager of Operations.

    The use of the word motherboard is just a play on words. I'm sure you get that. It's a tongue in cheek way of me being geeky and I just wanted to call attention to the word. I was going to say You should listen to your Mother but I decided to take it a step further and put a computer-related twist on it.

    I hope that answers your question even if it isn't technically the correct answer.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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