April 17, 2008

Rebel Ink Baby Winner!

I am pleased to announce
of my very first blog comment give-away!
(click here to see the original contest details)

Watch this video to see if your name has been picked.

If you didn't win the prize you can still get the same
great threads over at Rebel Ink Baby!
Click on the button below and che
ck out Rebel Ink Baby today!

Myrna Weinreich has won her very own
Rebel Ink Baby Onesie
because she left a comment and Lucian picked it!

Here's the kiddo to show you the prize she won.
The onesie has "100 percent orgasmically grown" printed on the front.
Wait till you see where they print their logo!

Here are some other images of the items inside the b
ox pictured.

This contest has ended.
Thanks to all who entered!
Your comments mean a lot to me :)
Congratulations to
Myrna Weinreich

1 comment:

  1. Does this mean I'm famous? Hah!kidding how did you know I'd save your baby video forever-my 'baby' looked just like this. Today he's 31.

    Thanks for the fun.


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