May 25, 2008

It's Never Too Late for Mother's Day

Mother's Day should be every day!

It's been rough here for the past couple of weeks. The end of the school year is always the worst for Mr. Davis. I wish his kids knew just how much we all have to suffer for it!! So, between his back injury, not being able to drive (yes, I've been driving him to school in the mornings!), mounds of grading and end of the year stuff plus having to take an additional online course for NCLB, Mother's Day was a bit of a wash in the 'special time spent with Hubby and child' department. I have to say though, the man knows how to make up for it. This morning, he made me breakfast in bed and it was awesome! But that wasn't all. He and Lucian made me the coolest e-card! What better way to show how he feels about my abilities for mothering than in web 2.0 style! He said Lucian helped pick out the e-card too. Bonus points for working with the kidlet on the computer while I was sleeping to make me a cool e-card. Extra bonus points for picking something I could share with you on my blog!

Don't send a lame Mother's Day eCard.
Try JibJab Sendables!

I especially like the part where I overcame the Nazis. The best part is at the end where it says EU, Mommy. "EU" in Lucian language means "I love you."

Thanks boys! You're the best! EU!


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