May 31, 2008

PA or Bust!

Here we come!
We leave morning of Sunday, June 1st. Wish us luck!
We're almost done packing. We have yet to figure out what to wear to my brother's wedding. I think I gained any of the weight Nate just lost. I have no idea what fits and I'm scared to find out. Maybe if I put ribbons on my bathrobe and wear nice shoes with it...hmmm.

We got the car serviced and spent the better part of today cleaning it. It was amazing to see the pile of crud on the seat from where the car seat was installed. We moved it to the other side so Nate will have more leg room in the back for when he's back there. His doctor prescribed a non-narcotic pain medicine that he can take and be able to drive with so we're relieved about that. He's now driven a couple of times and he's a little more comfortable than he's been, so that's a good sign.

We're still plotting our route and we're not sure of where we're going to stop first. It will all depend of course on construction, weather, and Lucian's ability to keep content while strapped into the car seat. Poor little dude. I feel so sorry for him. We've packed several things to keep him entertained. We'll see how it goes.

We have a couple of family members and friends to stay with along the way. We have planned stops so far in Commerce, OK, Rosebud, MO, and Troy, OH before our final destination in West Lawn, PA.

I will try to blog about our experiences along the way if I can. I have no idea what kind of internet connection I'll get or when. This is the first time actually traveling this way with a laptop, so it should be interesting.

Well, we gotta get back to finish packing. That's all for now. Stay tuned!

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions about places to stop, good motels, hotels, etc. please leave me a comment. I will try to read them if I get connected. Thanks!

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