May 17, 2008

Tagged for a 5x5 Meme

My cousin Jenny tagged me mind as well have hit me over the head with a 2x4 to do a 5x5 meme and, since I haven't posted in so long, I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time so here goes:
5 Things in my bag:
(I can't remember when I last carried, dare I say, a purse. Not sure if it's such a great idea to post exactly the contents, hello stalkers, but everyone carries their stuff with them and it's all pretty much the same right? My backpack is my mobile home office as well as a diaper bag at times, so I've got lots of things in there, including gum and hand sanitizer, but I guess these are the top 5 things that are essential that warrant carrying a bag at all. I guess I could still work with dirty hands and stinky breath, but I wouldn't be real happy about it.)
1. Cell Phone
2. Laptop
3. Digital Camera
4. iPod
5. Wads of various cables

5 Favorite Things in my Room:
(Which room would this be? My bedroom? I'm beginning to think this meme was created by a 14-year old.)
1. Our bed - I love the comforter set on it and I love to sleep in on Sundays
2. My 2 new pillows - I just love them. Why did I wait so long to get new pillows?
3. Recliner chair with body massage mat - slow, medium and beat me lightly settings
4. TV - hanging from dangerous looking jury-rigged thing my F-I-L put up for Hubby (don't ask)
5. My nightstand - and the things it contains: lotions, lip balm, spare change, and other things I dare not mention here (which could be another 5 favorite things that are probably on someone else's blog, so go read theirs, mine's only PG-13-rated here)

5 Things I Have Always Wanted to Do:
There are a lot of things I've already accomplished, now that I look at this list, so these are things I'd still like to do.
1. Travel outside the US
2. Remodel our bathroom & other parts of the house
3. Grow a vegetable garden and eat from it
4. Wear a bikini in public
5. Meet someone famous in person

5 Things I Am Currently Into:
1. Attachment parenting
2. Starting a small business (here come the marketers, hello, pay me, thanks)
3. Social Media (blogging, website design, video)
4. Health and fitness
5. Podcasting

5 People I Want to Tag:
Just because it's stimulating, fun and I'm curious to know some of the answers. But, know that I think there could have been better questions in this meme, so feel free to alter it if you wish.)
1. Tony
2. Emily
3. Melissa
4. Lucretia
5. Sarah

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