May 18, 2008

Unofficial Sweetness

Michael Rose is such a sweetheart! I want to send a warm thank you out to TUAW for wishing me a Happy Mother's Day along with "all the Mac Mommies out there." It really warmed my heart to hear that on on The Unofficial Apple Weblog Talkcast from last Sunday, May 11th, Mother's Day. It was better than a card! :)

I missed participating in the episode since we were having a Mother's Day family dinner here. (3 hour time difference between here and my fellow EST comrades.) I was also contending with a migraine at the same time. :( I tried to sneak onto TalkShoe for a couple of minutes while awaiting dinner to arrive from our favorite takeout joint here, but unfortunately my eyes couldn't handle the light on the screen and I missed out on the warm little shout-out. The talkcast episode is finally available for download, so check it out here along with some previous episodes where I've participated.

Also of interest at TUAW, among all of the Apple and Mac news and sweetness, is the ongoing discussion for Mac moms and dads via the TUAW macparents PB Wiki. I've contributed some of my favorite educational links and information, so feel free to check it out and even make some contributions of your own!

This Sunday I'm looking forward to continuing Mother's Day, take 2. (since last Sunday was kinda crappy for me personally) Hubby says he is feeling up to it, so I'm looking forward to some sleeping in and some mommy geek time later today and hopefully I'll be able to participate in one of my new favorite hangouts over at TUAW!


  1. TUAW is the bomb! belated hugs and kisses for Mother's day!


  2. Thanks for the shout-out, MM -- hope to hear you tonight.


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