May 19, 2008

Wii I Don't Work Out

CityMama is hosting a contest over on her blog and I want to win the prize because I believe working out should be fun and this sure does fit the profile! To enter the contest, she wants you to blog about your most embarrassing workout story of all time. For me, I have a hard time with that because I don't really "work out." I've never signed up for a gym membership. I too, like CityMama, took dance lessons from kindergarten through high school. I also did the Jazzercize thing when I was a kid. (The Mickey Mouse version, anyone?) I still have leg warmers in my lingerie drawer!

Don't ask me why I still keep leg warmers around, I just think they are still cool and maybe they'll make a comeback and then I'll be cool too. Hell, they probably already have but I'm so not hip enough to notice. I used to collect them along with leotards when I took dance lessons. Oh! and those parachute pants! Remember those?! (leotard — sounds like retard which is how I used to look in one.) Also don't ask me why I have said leg warmers in the same drawer as my lingerie. Maybe because I don't wear either? The lingerie drawer is where things go to die I suppose. Maybe I put them there because I was going to use them as lingerie at one point in time? Maybe I had some convoluted plan to seduce my husband by wearing just the leg warmers and nothing else? Maybe I was going to say something like, "Hey baby, wanna get physical?" ala Olivia Newton John-style. Rug-burn prevention? I haven't a clue. Parenting does that to you.

Anyhow, enough about my retarded legwarmers and my lacking need for lingerie. I want to win a Wii Fit because I need to get my sorry ass in shape. But, I can't really think of an extremely embarrassing workout moment. Something a little amusing does comes to mind though, so I'll give this a shot. The best way I can think of to explain it though is in true web 2.o style by embedding a YouTube video that illustrates my experience.

This sort of happened to me once while I was attempting to do some crunches on the floor. My son tried to nurse on me while I was doing it and it cracked me up because I couldn't work out with him pulling up my shirt trying to get at my boob. Watch this video because it's funnier than I can explain it in words. I hope it makes you laugh. More importantly, I hope it wins me a Wii Fit! Maybe I can "get physical" with my husband and put on those sexy leg warmers again!

(Thanks to the brave woman who put this video out there for everyone to chuckle at!)

Note: This video might not embed properly on my blog and you might have to click something special to see it because it contains a booby shot. When I viewed it, it asked me to confirm that I was 18+. Oooooooh, a booby shot! How exciting! We know how controversial functioning boobies are these days, so don't say I didn't tell you so and don't flame me for posting this on my blog either.

Here is the link in case it doesn't embed on my blog:

I must have boobs on the brain lately since my son is weaning, so there may be more boob-related posts to come. How many more times can I say the word boob? We shall see!

Good luck to all the other participants in the contest and thanks to CityMama for making it possible.

Wii Fit or Bust!
(pun intended)


  1. What a super Mommy! Who has ever done exercise and nursed a babe at the same time!? Thanks for the post about the contest.

  2. Okay, so if you nurse on your head, does your milk "let UP"? HAHAHAHA! Headstand nurser, golf clap for you....


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