June 18, 2008

My Dad on Father's Day

More Monkey See, Monkey Do
So, what's dinner like with YOUR Dad? Here is a day in my life with MY Dad.
I'm going to get grounded when he finds out about this post, so if you don't hear from me in a while, you'll know what happened.

Father's Day Meal Conversation from TheMacMommy on Vimeo.

Thanks for making me a Mom!
Here is Mr. Davis with Lucian opening his geeky gift from us. Now he'll be able to listen to HIS iPod in HIS car.

(Just to show how much I love him, HE has the bigger of our two iPods. For now. He did earn it though.)

Happy 2nd Father's Day to my wonderful and loving husband. You're such a great Daddy and we love you very very much!
(Even though it was a couple of days ago, I still like to brag to the world just how awesome you guys are.)

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