Sunday, August 31, 2008

hi friends, hi family

Just some morning greetings from Lucian and I to tell you that we love you and are thinking of you from far away. Hugs to you from us!

hello friends and familyLucian and I saying hello to friends and family :)

These are the times I'm reminded why I do what I do even though it frustrates me. A kiss and an "I love you" makes it all worthwhile even if for only a moment in time. I'll take it.

Up all night sleep all day

Just me rambling about what's new with me and what's eating me lately. I'm not particularly happy about my current situation and I'm trying to be honest with myself about it. I'm struggling with what decisions are best for myself and my reputation along with my sanity. It's a recipe for stress.

Up all night sleep all dayjust me rambling about what's eating me lately, trying to get it off my chest

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Average 1930s Wife

This quiz is effing hilarious!
Reminds me of what life must have been like when Senator McCain got married. And cheated. And then married again. And again. Oh, sorry, which house, oops, I mean wife were we on? I lost count. Sorry.

I'm not sorry that I'm average 1930s wife. I'm shocked I didn't score lower. Maybe the fact that I praise my husband in public makes up for the fact that I don't walk around in stockinged toes and that my seams are never straight.

Take the quiz. See what oppression feels like. Might be fun if you're kinky like that.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Thanks to Krista for pointing me to it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what's happenin

Nothing to see here. LOL Just a little vlog for friends & family. (FYI, this post is PG-13 rated. Sorry about a little bit of language. I'll think more about that next time or try to keep warning you beforehand so you can make the appropriate choice as to whether or not to view this around the kids.) Come say hi by leaving a video response of your own. Lucian and I would love to see you!

what's happeninjust me rambling to friends & family a little bit about what's happening in our life right now

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toddler Tech

Hand-Made Mac Tip No. 6
Toddler-Proofing Your Mac with AlphaBaby

I want to tell you about one of my most favorite Mac applications for kids. It's called AlphaBaby and it's a FREE download. It really came in handy before, during and after our recent cross-country road trip. This application is loaded on all three of the computers in our home. We have a G4 in the office, an iMac in Lucian's room and the MacBook Pro - everywhere. The laptop and the iMac each have a separate user account created just for Lucian with almost identical preferences set. Daddy's G4 has the AlphaBaby icon readily accessible in the Dock.

You may remember in a previous post how I detailed setting up a separate user account for your child on your Mac. (I plan on revising that tutorial for OS X 10.5 Leopard once I finally decide on which screencasting application I want to use.)

I can not tell you how many times this app has come in handy. You can customize the application for different age groups so when Lucian was an infant, he loved just looking intently at the colors and shapes on the screen. As he got older, I changed the preferences to show letters, colors and lines. Between using this application and a few other online resources, he has learned the entire alphabet before the age of two.

This past summer, we went on a cross-country road trip and we drove from AZ to PA and a couple of other states along the east coast. During the trip, Nate drove and I sat in the back seat next to Lucian and entertained him. Having the laptop along for the ride came in handy many times. All I had to do was click onto Lucian's user icon in the menubar and as soon as the cube began to rotate, his face would light up. I could launch AlphaBaby and entertain him for just a while longer until we were ready to make the next stop.

During this long, 2-month trip, Lucian got to see and meet many different friends and family members. The last time we flew out to PA, he was only starting to speak a few words and associate faces of people. A year later and he can now comprehend who people are and he is beginning to learn which family members are related to him and how. Now that we're back home, I want him to be able to retain the connections he's made over the summer. AlphaBaby is a wonderful tool for this because you can set the preferences to allow photos to pop up whenever certain keys are pressed. I didn't, but you can even map certain keys to specific photos.

A Familiar Face
In Lucian's user account in his iPhoto album, I loaded 170 photos of friends and family members. I used photos of people he knows locally as well as far away since we have family and friends all over the world now. I even used a mixture of recent as well as older photos of some of the children as well as side views of people to see if he recognizes facial changes and he does! It's amazing how well he recognizes peoples' pictures and can say their names more and more clearly every time he interacts with this application. Before we came home, he couldn't say the name of his new Aunt Joanna, who likes to be called Aunt JoJo. Now, with practice, Lucian can instantly recognize a picture of Joanna as "An YoYo." We're still working on saying Great Grandmom.

It would take some time and effort, but you can, if you want, go into iPhoto and change the title of each picture to the name of the person and then in AlphaBaby, tell it to speak the name of the photo. This works ok, but for harder names, you can imagine the speech to text is not perfect. I prefer us interacting with him while using this application in a flashcard type of way.

Allow Me to Demonstrate
AlphaBaby will no doubt come in handy for the future as we get new pictures of people that I can add to his iPhoto library. We just got a new baby cousin a week ago and now another cousin is on the way so as soon as I get those baby pictures, I'll add them to his library and AlphaBaby will add them in at random.

Here is a bad, sorry video I made of Poltergeist AlphaBaby in action starring Lucian teaching his Daddy about colors, shapes and people. (Sorry about the video quality, but I snuck up on them playing and it was night time. I don't know where the knocking sound comes from. The video is from our little point&shoot Nikon. Someday I'll get a better camera when we can afford it.)

Learning with AlphaBaby from TheMacMommy on Vimeo.

The Specs, Ma'am, Just the Specs
The computer in Lucian's room is an old slot-load 400MHz PowerPC G3 Tangerine iMac with 512MB of RAM and a 10GB HD running Tiger 10.4x. Someone was getting rid of it and Lucian's uncle snagged it for us and replaced the ailing DVD ROM drive and swapped the HD with one from another iMac we scrapped for parts. It's amazing what treasures people throw away! Check your local Craigslist or Freecycle and give an old iMac a good home. These machines make great kids' computers because, with a little TLC, you can upgrade them just enough to run Tiger and a few simple applications. For little ones, this is plenty. This particular model is even capable of utilizing wifi with a built in airport! I don't currently have it connected to the internet because the airport card in it is a little too old to be compatible with WPA2 encryption. One day, I'll get an old wireless router and hook it up just for this purpose. For now, I have an almost identical user account set up for Lucian in my MacBook Pro with almost the same preferences.

Under the General Tab, I have it set to just flash one letter or number per key press on the screen and in rainbow colors. Only letters or numbers will show which are mapped directly to the characters on the keyboard. This helps him actually learn keyboarding skills. He is getting better and better about actually pressing the right keys when I ask him to. Right now he's mastering letters and we're slowly incorporating numbers as well. He can almost count to ten.

Under the Images Tab, I have the source of the photos loaded from the main iPhoto Library. You can, however, have photos load from a specific photo album or even a folder somewhere else if you're not a fan of iPhoto. I also have it set to randomly load a combination of shapes along with photos since we're still learning colors and shapes. You can see though, I pushed the slider more towards the images since I really do favor photos of people right now since he's learning about family right now too.

I love how this operates in a flash card mode. The pictures pop up at random and repeat at various stages. You never know what you're going to get when you press different keys on the keyboard. He could keep pressing the space bar or any other modifier key and it will show a different photo or shape each time. It really helps him with keyboarding skills because he quickly learns that letter keys result in a letter, number keys a number and any other key results in a photo or shape. He is old enough to make deliberate decisions about what to press. He knows that he will get only photos if he presses keys other than letters or numbers and it's fascinating to watch him make those choices!

Under the Sound Tab, I have it set to speak the letters using the Victoria voice. It's not perfect, but it's pretty acurate. (The text to speech has greatly improved in Leopard 10.5, but for this demo, I'm using the Tiger 10.4 version of the app.) This is the place where I mentioned previously that you can tell it to speak the images. It will convert text to speech by reading the file name of each photo. So, if you leave your photos named DCSN1045, that's what Victoria will say instead of Pop Pop.

Under the Drawing Tab, there are many items from which to choose. When Lucian was really little, I used the stars, ducks or trucks because objects were interesting to him. When kids are really little, you'll want to uncheck the box for drawing requires mouse down. This way, all they have to do is push the mouse or move their finger across the trackpad and it will instantly draw a line on the screen. Little ones don't yet have the hand-eye coordination needed to associate with a pointing device. This tool really helps them grasp that concept much sooner because it draws their eye to a simple line draw which allows them to make the connection between cause and effect of the pointing device. This works well whether it be a single or two-button mouse or a trackpad on a laptop. You can also vary the line thickness. As babies begin to develop peripheral vision, the thickness of the line that appears on screen can make a difference in what they see. If you make the line too thin, they probably will not notice it much. If you make the line really thick, they will take notice of it better and realize the cause and effect relationship between the mouse and screen while their head is pointed down and their eyes focused on the keyboard or mouse.

This concludes my review of AlphaBaby, the application that allows you to toddler-proof your Mac while making learning fun. I hope you've enjoyed my review and that you'll visit the creator's site and donate a few bucks for their hard work.

Hey! Quit It!
Oh and, by the way, make sure the FIRST thing you learn is how to quit the application! You have to press the control-option-command-Q keys all at once, so you might want to practice that maneuver before launching it. Make sure you press those keys only or else you'll find yourself logged out instead. After you've mastered that, then practice launching the preferences by pressing (all at once) the control-option-command-P keys. (Hint: it's the same combination, only the 'Q' changes to 'P.')

trying out vlogging

To vlog or not vlogI'm considering putting some more video format on my blog and I'd like to see if friends and family will find this a fun way to keep in touch.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Living Room Makeover

Since the Mister and I have returned home from our summer road trip, we've been trying to do little home improvement projects here and there. On our way back home from our trip we developed mixed emotions about the current state of our tiny little starter home here in sunny Tucson. (Makes me feel better when I call it a "starter home.")

While we were traveling, we stayed with friends and family along the way out as well as the way back. Only twice did we stay in a dive motel and for me, those were the times when I felt really great about our little house knowing that waiting for us back home was a yard looking like a jungle and a master bath with peeling wall paper. So many times I was in awe at the way other people live and keep their homes. Now, I'm sure, like me, they probably cleaned like mad before our arrival and then just acted like that's the way they always live. Ok, maybe that's just me. I certainly hope I don't make people feel like they need to clean and sanatize everything before coming to stay with them, but I know I do it myself so I can't blame someone if they do. (Just so you know, dustbunnies only make you human so I leave them alone on places like the rafters and lightbulbs. Consider yourself warned if you ever come to my house.)

Nate and I try to live as simply as possible. We both come from a family chock full of packrats, savers and collectors — pick your own label. Between the two of us, we have a lot of schtuff still, but I've been on a personal mission to reduce the load by purging and, well, just not buying schtuff as much as I can help it. That's why Nate does most of the shopping. He's much more disciplined than I. Whenever we go shopping, it is personal hell for me because I have to contiplate every penny I think about spending on something and whether or not it will contribute something to a landfill that really and truly doesn't need to be there. The only money we've spent on the house in the past 2 years has been for emergency things like plumbing repair. Hell, we still have painter's tape baked on a few of our windows that we have yet to scrape off. Needless to say, we've fallen behind and it's starting to eat at me. (Translation: I'm turning into a nag and need to vent about it so I don't drive the mister completely nuts.)

Before we got pregnant (and during), we knew that once the baby came, our lives would be turned upside down. We knew we wouldn't have the time, energy or money to do any home improvement projects and that the house would have to be put on hold for a while. Right now, we've come to a transitional period of time where Lucian is now old enough and the house has been babyproofed for the most part that he has a defined space where he can play and I don't have to constantly keep after him for touching things. That was a huuuuuge stress on us while we were on our road trip. Almost every place we went was not curious-toddler-friendly. There were a lot of Jeffrey moments which resulted in some new grey hairs.

When Lucian was a baby, it seemed that his swag just dominated the house. It felt like everywhere you looked — baby stuff. He slept in a crib in our room for over a year and a half. When we transitioned him out of our room and into his own, it was a weird feeling. The only thing in our bedroom that remained of him was some framed photos and his diaper bag. And, of course, HIM at 2 am. In our bed.

Yeah, so him sleeping in his own – now completely stocked with toys and kid stuff – bedroom is still not working out so well. He likes his room, I think, but he just doesn't want to stay in it for a whole night. This is why I still struggle with insomnia. Sometimes he'll go almost a whole week sleeping through a night, but then a couple of days will go by where he won't. It's just inconsistent. The road trip also spoiled him because he got used to sleeping with us, if not in bed with us, then on a little bed at the foot of our bed.

If that's not hot, I don't know what is.

We had to wait till it was nap time and then go sneak somewhere while we turned into teenagers at a drive through movie.

during the commercials.

no, commercials. Intermission is much longer.

Anyhow, so in order to make myself a little happier to combat the sleep deprivation nastiness, I thought a little living room makeover might do the trick. When Nate bought this house, he was still a bachelor so he did what any bachelor on a budget does and he got consignment furniture. I've always admired his thriftyness and the furniture was a good find at the time. The eightiestastic pattern nicely matched the teal carpet. Used furniture is also perfect for while you have a young family. Only problem is, it's starting to show it's age and wear. The loveseat sprang, well, a spring and every time you sat on it you got stabbed in the crotch. Yeah. Lovely. Rips and tears started showing up soon after Lucian learned how to climb up and then jump on the cushions. (ok, ok, I'll fess up, it was really from me stepping up onto the seat and over the arm so I wouldn't have to unwedge the perfect little jailing system I had going with the playpen, couch and loveseat to keep Lucian from wandering the rest of the house before we babyproofed.)

Another problem was created when we invested in a nice window treatment for the main window. The pattern and colors we chose went well with the carpet and walls, but not with the pattern on the furniture which came from the set of Miami Vice. So, we covered it. Badly. I got so sick and tired of the blankets and throws I was using because they never stayed in place and I couldn't get enough spare material that matched so the two pieces looked like a pair. It still looked like furniture from the set of Miami Vice with blankets thrown over.

Last Sunday, we went out in search of a solution even if that solution meant new/used furniture that didn't poke you in the ass anymore. We went to a couple of consignment shops with no luck. Just when we had given up, I said, let's go check out JC Penney and see if they still have the curtain sheers in the same red. For a while now, I've felt that the sheers on the window just weren't full enough looking, so I wanted to get one more. (Martha Stewart moment. It happens to the best of us.) While we were there, we took a look at the furniture department and depressed ourselves even more looking at the price tags on just the sofas alone. I hate their signage. Working in the advertising business so long has made me really cynical. They put this cute little sign on the coffee table that draws you in thinking it's a discounted price for the whole set, yet it's really just the price of the most expensive piece.

Anyhow, we went around the corner to the pillows section and there we hit the Jackpot.

Clearance slipcovers to the rescue!!!

Once the nice new slipcovers were on, it was so refreshing that Nate took another look at the love seat and was able to fix whatever it was that was causing the hardware to poke through the cushion. It no longer reclines, but who cares! No more instant vascetomies for our male guests!

In conclusion, we only spent just over $100.00 for this living room makeover. We kept the furniture we had and just improved it. I cleaned up the baby toys and relocated more of them to Lucian's room. I moved the playpen back into our bedroom because we only ever use it for discipline (we call it baby jail). We know we want to have another baby, so there is no use in trying to temporarily reclaim that now empty space in our bedroom and the playpen will convert back to the bassinet for that space. We do know now, from experience where the best place is for a baby swing in the living room, so this change works well for a future adaptation when the time comes.

Take a Tour of Our Living Room
Here are the results in a handy little slideshow. If it doesn't view or you like more details, you can click on a link and view the photos with captions. There is one photo in there from before to compare.

Invasion of the Mangatars

I'm having a '12-year old' moment.
Just for fun, which mangatar do you like better?
The cartoon makes me look younger and thinner. Is that what's so appealing about them right now? More to hide behind or just good old fashioned web 2.0 fun? I just wonder.
Now I need to go get a scooby snack.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Went to NME, well, sort of

I had a virtually great time at New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

This past week I've been busy doing some Olympic housework so that I could spend some quality screen time for two days with my favorite characters in the Land (or is it ether?) of Social Media (who happen to be real people, kind of like on Big Brother only better but my dad would totally disagree).

If you're a social media junkie like me who also happens to be a mom, I find that it helps with the mommyguilt when you can feel like you're rewarding yourself with geek time for having a clean we'll call it tidy, close enough dammit house. (That way I can tune in while the kidlet runs around the house and systematically undoes everything I just did to clean the house. Oh well, kept him busy and out of trouble.)

The two-day event to which I am referring is The New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada which is winding up this evening. Ha, ha, I say this evening as it's really after midnight, but I know darn well most of them are still up and capping off the party tonight/this morning. I really would have considered going except that, as you might know, I've recently returned home from a very long cross-country road trip, so needless to say, I'm a little tripped out right now. (That and the fact that I have yet to spend 24 hours away from my son who is still not yet completely weaned, so the farm here still kinda needs the cow to show up and moo on occasion.) (And while we're being honest here, I know I wouldn't get my money's worth in liquor at Las Vegas anyhow because I rarely drink and I would be a super cheap date.)

I really want to say thank you to Tony Walla who has carried me around in his pocket (see illustration above) these past two days while he has been schmoozing and hanging out with all of the internebrities at the conference. It almost felt like I got to hang out with a bunch of them. Tony, through the powers of social media, was able to 'channel' TheMacMommy on his iPhone via Twitter and say hello to Geoff Smith and Lisa Bettany for me. He even promised pictures too! I can't wait to see them.

I've had lots of geeky fun these past two days hanging out in the chat room over at and pinging my friends on twitter saying "what are you doing?" here and "where are you now?" there and "hey, Leo wants to talk to you, get over there!"

I even got some Leo Love™!! w00t! Ok, so how much of a dork am I? I even copied and pasted the text from the chat window into TextEdit to save it because Leo Laporte actually typed in the chat room to say hello to me. Is this the geeky equivalent of saving a dirty napkin in a scrap book? (Something about that dude just makes people giddy when he says hello. This was the second time he's said hi to me and I hope it will be one of many!)

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Click to enlarge.

This is what I love about social media. Even from my living room, while folding laundry and potty training my son, I felt like I was a part of the action because I could have my laptop on a table near by and watch a glimpse of the event on TWiTLive. I loved being able to communicate with the people who were there.

The fun really started when the cameras showed Victor Cajiao standing in the audience. So I tweeted Victor:

And, moments later, Leo follows me on Twitter, just sayin Victor was seated at the table interviewing with Leo Laporte! What a treat that was.

At one point it got really exciting as Rob Hanson and I made a concentrated effort to get Allison Sheridan back on the roster to talk to Leo Laporte on TWiTLive. Thankfully she got our messages and made it on 2nd to last! Whew!

I was even able to capture a screen shot of it and send it to her within moments of the broadcast. Boy, was that fun! (We're both suckers for instant gratification.)

The chat room on Stickam for TWiTLive was very, well, lively. I was even giving Santa Claus tech support as he was trying to join in.

Yes, Santa is real and he's even on Twitter! Don't believe me? Go follow him and get on his nice list now. It's August already!

While I was chatting in there, I also tweeted Geoff Smith to let him know some nice discussion about him had brewed. He even logged in and joined us in the chat for a bit. He let me know that he saw my tweet. It was a real delight to see him perform live the very next day! If you haven't already, you should really check him out. He's a new classic. I've really enjoyed watching his live concerts over on Ustream.TV. Just like with this event, I like to participate in Geoff's shows using seesmic. I've posted a couple of videos while interacting with the show. Lucian loves to sing along and it's great fun.

Well, they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but that certainly wasn't the case for New Media Expo where the keyword is short for expose. All I know is I had a great time and didn't even lose any money.

Now, the challenge for you is: Can you count how many social media tools I've used to participate in these events? Maybe you'd like to try one out for yourself. It's great fun. Let me know by contacting me on one of the platforms. I'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does Blogging Keep You Honest?

"Hello blogger, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again..."

I'm still here. Just so you know, but I'm just swimming in a surplus of thoughts right now. It's hard to describe, but I'll try. It's not that I have nothing to say, but exactly the opposite. I have so freaking much to write about that I'm just overwhelmed. I keep getting distracted. I keep reading other blogs which in turn inspire me to write about so many different thoughts and ideas that I just don't know where to start.

I so totally wish I could write short and sweet little posts. I wish I could fragment my thoughts and ideas to make it quicker and easier to digest. I admire people who can keep it short and sweet. It actually takes me so much longer to write a post because I keep editing the hell out of it to make it shorter. And then look what happens. You see how much you need to scroll to get to the bottom of it and then all of the sudden, reading a single post becomes a rock climbing adventure where you're afraid to look down.

I keep starting posts and then not finishing them because something else just gets in the way. (Just to name a few: the end of nap time, bodily functions, interruptions while performing bodily functions (you know — toddler follows you into the bathroom/toddler doesn't follow you into the bathroom - damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of thing), sleeping (in increased efforts to combat my insomnia), housework, billable hours for clients, increased efforts to spend time with the Hubby because a sibling for Lucian just isn't going to make itself, and I read somewhere that you can't get pregnant by kissing, ahem, and the list goes on. ad nauseam. I think you get the idea.

[See, that was totally unnecessary and I could have just deleted it, but then that wouldn't be me. It would be what I think me should be, so, I left it in.]

Some smartass once said "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all." Many times that phrase just prevents me from writing. It also prevents me from being honest and purging posting any feelings and thoughts I originally intended to host on this blog for posterity. That frustrates me a lot. I've been so tempted to create another more private blog just so I can rant about really personal things that eat at me, like family issues, frustrations in my marriage, or people who drive me nuts because I think they are fake.

Then again, what would be the point. Would I really gain anything from writing about it? Would it really matter if I just left out the fact that sometimes my family members aggravate the hell out of me? Doesn't that happen to everyone? Would I really want to read about it in the future? Worse yet, would I really want a family member or friend to read it? Does it enhance my blog any more by complaining about certain family members or friends? Some people's blogs thrive on that subject matter and I really admire the brass balls of some of them. I personally think it's all the stuff of what sitcoms were made for. Negativity just gets so much press, so why should I add to the problem when I can be part of the solution. Maybe I'll just try to remember that and move on with life and save my repetitive stress-injured typing cramps for something more worthwhile or productive – to me that is.

You know what else drives me nuts?

A lot is two words.

• My English teacher said, "Commas and periods belong inside of the quotation marks." I was taught English in the United States. Were you?

Ok, I feel much better now.

I ask myself these questions a lot lately: Does blogging keep you honest? What is your definition of honesty? For whom are you being honest? Yourself? Your readers? Why do you pay any attention to your readers?
The answer lies in who I think those readers are.

I began this blog with the intent that "my" readers were comprised of a couple of close friends I've known for years before I even knew what a blog was and a couple more friends I made online after I found out what a blog and bloggers were. I also thought it would be a great way to connect with family members since I live so far away from them. I told my parents about my blog and even a couple of family members (only after having to explain what the hell a blog is). Then I figured that they just weren't interested and weren't reading it since I got no feedback from them on it whatsoever.

So, I started writing about stuff I thought other people might enjoy. I started to seek out others who share my same passions for technology and how I combine it with my adventures in being a new parent. I really enjoy writing about those topics and I also love getting feedback on it because I learn even more that way.

Basically what I'm trying to say now anymore is that I struggle with being honest with myself and keeping my blog what I want it to be.

I've noticed that I've picked up some readership recently. (The 10 people I thought read my blog once in a while have now mysteriously turned into 46! Maybe something is broken in feedburner?) While it humbles me that people would actually subscribe to my blog, I really hope that they are reading more than just the current post because I'm not always sweet and sunny. Sometimes the closet door creeks open and the darkness creeps out. The skeletons giggle, I hear them, mocking me. It's not easy going from bikers to big wheels. It's a constant struggle to be positive and honest about myself, my past, present and what I hope for my future.

Here is a to do list of personal issues I'm working on writing about:
• my road trip home and back
• being home and the vacation from the vacation
• time spent with family and friends
• things that annoyed me about time spent with family and friends that I'll have to find a delicate way of explaining so no one takes offense
• my weight and how much it pisses me off right now
• what I'm doing about my weight and my progress thus far
• how I manage to annoy myself, my husband and my family about my need to document everything in our lives

Here is a to do list of fun techno-geeky goodness I can't wait to blog about but need to research and prepare more so it looks nice (translation: I'm a miserable perfectionist):
• my trip to the Boylston Street Apple Store (with cool video clips I need to edit first)
• my recent revamp of my son's tangerine iMac in his room
• updates on my adventures in toddler-proofing my Mac & my review of the iSkin keyboard cover (waiting for the screen cover to be delivered in the mail)
• how and why I torture myself with iCal reminders (3 just popped up while typing the last line indicating this post is already way longer than I intended it to be and I so hope it makes it live and out of the drafts folder)
• ok, so maybe I can just cross that one off the list
• I forgot what the next list item was going to be, shit
• oh yeah, Front Row and how much of a crowd-pleaser it was while visiting with family and friends
• my new method for organizing movies to show in Front Row
• a totally kick-butt review of AlphaBaby (one of my most favorite apps for kids)
• how we survived our cross-country road trip using technolog: what did we use and how did we use it
• what WAS in my bag: what I packed vs what I actually used
• even more stuff that I thought about last night but have forgotten right now but will remember later while taking a shower

So, I'm pressing the publish button now before this ends up back in the drafts folder!
No more editing! I'm here and I'll keep writing after I get out of my procrastination funk.