August 31, 2008

Up all night sleep all day

Just me rambling about what's new with me and what's eating me lately. I'm not particularly happy about my current situation and I'm trying to be honest with myself about it. I'm struggling with what decisions are best for myself and my reputation along with my sanity. It's a recipe for stress.

Up all night sleep all dayjust me rambling about what's eating me lately, trying to get it off my chest

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  1. Hi MacMommy,
    I just recently discovered your blog and like it a lot. Thanks for sharing all this with us. But this video particularly touched me, because it could have been me myself recording it. No, not that I am a tech support guy, but I do have a small one-person business and have also to deal with things you go through. I always have studied languages and I liked it. So now I put up a little service where I offer classes and translations. Even though I'm not trained as a translator and even less as an interpreter. Just like you, I'm kinda self-trained for some part.
    I love it when clients arer satisfied with my service, but dread it when they might not. For word of mouth is good publicity, but it can also completely ruin your reputation. In my situatioin, it are particularly the simultaneous interpretations which Im not so good at. Even up to the point I am reluctant to accept such orders. But my wife keeps pushing me, saying I can do it, while I feel it goes beyond my potentials.
    So, do not feel lonely with your particular situation, since I have the same feelings and inconfidence myself. And oh yeah, I also want to raise my rates, but when I do so, the clients will go to the translator next door. So... it's not easy to be self employed, yet it's the most satisfying thing I can do right now.
    Anyway, I wish you strength and peace of mind, and I hope things will change for the better soon!
    Good luck,



Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your thoughts.