October 27, 2008

Comment Back

Just wondering something. When you leave comments on other people's blogs, do you expect people to comment back? If so, how do you prefer getting that comment delivered to you? I comment on lots of other people's blogs and I usually don't expect a comment back, but occasionally I do wonder what they thought of my comment. There have been some blogs I've visited that allow you to be notified when someone comments on your comment. Some I like, some are just annoying because then your inbox gets filled with a bunch of comments unrelated to my comment so I end up unsubscribing to that comment thread anyhow.

I'm going to try enabling a commenting service called Disqus and see how it goes. Let me know if you like this once I add it. I'd love to see some video comments too! (hint hint, no pressure or nuthin!)

1 comment:

  1. I only want to read comments that are actually replies to my comment. Otherwise, I'll just check back to the thread. It's why I dig Disqus, because it has threaded comments whereas a lot of native commenting systems do not have threaded comments or have poorly implemented threaded comments.


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