October 27, 2008

Installed Disqus

Well, I think I installed Disqus, but I told it to apply to new posts since I didn't want to lose comments from prior posts or at least that's what it sounded like would happen. I'm a wuss, what else can I say. Maybe that cool chic Mattie will come back here and tell me if Disqus is working on my blog ;) and why do they call it Disqus with a 'q?' I guess Discuss was already taken or it was just a kewler name perhaps. hmmmm.

I'm still tinkering with the favicon image formats in my blogger code because it still looks like crap on alltop. Reminder to myself, right now I only have .ico and .png formats listed in the code. I removed the .gif and that didn't help so now I'm removing the .jpg format to see if it's the .png that alltop prefers. I also wonder if the order listed has anything to do with it. I have .ico listed first in the code because if I put anything else before it, my favicon has a little white border around it and it looks like crap in the new version of FireFox where the favicon is now on top of a silver background. Mozilla could have left that part alone in my opinion! Plus you can no longer click on the favicon to highlight the entire url address which is a trick I had been showing my clients in FF and Safari. I've now gotten trained to press command-L to highlight the url box and command-K for the search box, so I suppose it doesn't matter so much to me personally because I'm a quick key type of girl. For those who's muscle memory is trained to click the little ball or favicon, this will be hard to unlearn.

Anyhow, that's my current state of rants at the moment!

Now, blogger blog! I command you do add in Disqus commenting and obey the new template I just pasted in! Do it!! Listen to me!!