October 27, 2008

Tweaking and Testing

ok, I think I've figured out how to get the favicon to show up for my blog and website. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get it to display properly on Alltop.com. Right now the favicon for my blog is showing up as a little black and white blob. I suspect it's because there was a .gif loaded into the code. It seemed as though it wasn't enough to have just a .ico in the code and I couldn't figure out why the icon wasn't displaying properly so I tried adding .gif, .png, and .jpg icon files to the code sourced from a place on my hosted webspace. Let's see if I can get this post to refresh the alltop.com page.

I'm also trying out a previewing service for links in my blog posts. This way, a reader can just hover over a link to see what it is before clicking on it to go there. Sometimes when I write, I like to add a link to a wiki entry or picture. I'm hoping this might be an enhancement and not a nuisance. The service is called snapshots. You can find out all about it by rolling over this link for snapshots. There are other features the service offers and I intend to experiment with it in the near future. I have a theory about archiving my blog that I want to try out involving linkbaits. I'm thinking this might be the tool for me, but we'll see. I'll explain this more in depth in another post when I document my ideas about archiving my blog and posts.


  1. The code to make your favicon appear would be < link rel="icon" href="place where favicon is located" />

    It might take a while for the changes to take effect on alltop and stuff like that though.

    A preview service for links is a great idea.

    (I apologize if you knew that about the favicon. I don't want to seem condescending about it...)

  2. Hi Mattie, thanks for your comment :) I think I got it working on everything but how it shows up on the alltop site. Still can't figure out why it shows up as a black and white blob right now. I once read an article that said certain browsers don't recognize .ico files and it recommended adding in addition to .ico, .gif, .jpg., and .png so that other browsers would recognize the favicon. Ever since I've added those, the favicon looks crappy on alltop.com. I thought I had fixed it but now I can't figure out what I did except to remove the .gif format. I'm still waiting for the alltop site to load my newest post to see if removing .gif will fix it but I'm not sure. I wish I knew how long it took alltop's servers to refresh. Thanks for your advice :) BTW, is this the best way to reply back to a comment? I'm never sure.


Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your thoughts.