November 12, 2008

Music To My Eye

Last night, Lucian and I watched another one of Geoff Smith's live performances on UStream. Geoff does one of these concerts every couple of months and Lucian gets really animated so sometimes I record a seesmic video of his reaction to Geoff's music. I thought it would be fun to post the previous videos next to each other because it's still amazing to me how fast my little boy is growing and how much he is learning. He loves making videos, as many kids do. Right now he is starting to engage in pretend play and it always amazes me the things he comes up with. He will take an ordinary object and pretend it is something else. In this case, he took some items out of my jewelry armoire and improvised. A necklace box became a "guitar" and a chain clasp tool became a "trumpet." I think.

I love being able to go back in time and see how much my child has grown and changed. I love finding new ways to document his growth over time.

Speaking of changes, I should give you an update on Lucian's vision problem in case you wonder why he might look a little odd in the videos. Lucian has strabismus in his left eye. He also has an astigmatism which prevents him from focusing clearly. His optometrist recommended he wear corrective glasses to straighten his eye and help him focus. Yesterday was his most recent checkup. Unfortunately, after 8 weeks, he hasn't responded to this treatment alone, so we've now been directed to patch his good eye to help force his bad eye to work properly. Currently, he is only using his right eye and turns his head when confronted with using his left eye. So, I just wanted to let you know about that because sometimes the quality of online video might not show certain details, like the fact that he is wearing a flesh-colored patch over his eye, not that his eye is missing entirely.

Last night was the first night of patching his eye. We were very nervous about it because we weren't sure how he would react. Would he have a major meltdown and begin to hate us? Would he keep ripping it off and refuse to cooperate? All I know is I would be really ticked off if someone patched my good eye so it was not easy doing this to him. For this reason I have to tell you just how thankful I was for Geoff's concert last night. It really helped to smooth out this experience. Lucian was so cooperative. I was shocked that he kept the patch on all evening. The doctor said she would be really happy if we could keep the patch on him for at least two hours per day for the next two months. Well, he kept it on all night last night and he's been wearing it for over two hours with no complaints today. I'm so proud of him!

I really think that by making movies and seeing himself with his eye patch on and having fun helped to make him more confident about wearing it. It certainly didn't impede his ability to have fun and it sure did help to have Geoff's online music show to interact with.

People always tell me to savor these moments because the time goes so fast. Capturing these moments on video helps me do just that but it still blows my mind at just how fast five months has gone by!

Geoff-meet your new band member
Hey JudeI think he thinks it's hey Dude tho
hangin with Geoff Smith

If you don't yet know who Geoff Smith is, you should really check him out.

Last night he performed another free UStream concert for close to 300 people who joined as viewers and chatters from all over the world. (I say world because several from Canada were there plus a buddy of mine from Australia checked in too. I know that because I was tweeting it like crazy in case you missed my tweetmeat. I wouldn't call it spam, so I'm calling it meat instead, LOL!)

Last night's performance marked the one year anniversary of his "accidental concert." He doesn't really have a regular performance schedule so you kind of have to catch him. To make that easier — if you already follow me and I know about it, you'll know about it. Even easier yet though would be to follow Geoff Smith for updates.

Thank you Geoff Smith for all the good times so far!