November 7, 2008

What Do Worms Eat for Lunch?

I found a little inch worm in our kitchen today and thought it might interest Lucian. I brought it out and put it on our front door step along with a small leaf. I took some photos and this little video of him eating his lunch with the little worm. He calls it a "nake" (since he can't quite say "s" yet. He offered it a cracker and I thought that was really awesome that he is learning to share. It's a lesson we're working on right now since he keeps saying everything is "mine! mine! mine!" I'm sure this would be much more interesting if he had a sibling. (We're working on it.)

It was fun to get down on our bellies and study this amazing little creature.

Lunch With A Worm from TheMacMommy on Vimeo.