January 9, 2009

80sphotoday Meme

There is an #80sphotoday meme on twitter at the moment. (probably over by the time you read this.) I'm a sucker for the 80s because I survived it despite how much of my brain was eaten away with hairspray and CFCs. So I thought it might be fun to post it here. If you have a similar blog meme or a link to your twitter meme, link it in the comments for fun!

I thought it would be fun to put my 80s pics here to amuse my son later in life if he decides to read this and see what a dork his mom was.


still is. ;)

Here is me as part of TV Crew which was infinitely cooler than being part of Motley Crüe. You know — because you didn't get crabs from TV Crew. I've blocked out the girl to my right to protect the innocent. And because I wouldn't want her to google herself some day and discover her photo linked to something with crabs and 80s hair bands. That just wouldn't be kewl.

Yeah. I'm also hoping if my son is reading this, by then, he's old enough to know what crabs are and that you can get them at Joe's in Jersey. (NJ)

Here is me in high school. Just one of the many big, bad-ass hair days. Please do not smoke near this picture. Your computer might ignite.

Hard to believe I actually have even MORE hair than that right now. This time though, it's no longer processed and is completely straight. (although sometimes I swear a pack of racoons sneak into my room and put dreads in it so I look like Bob Marley when I wake up.) I think I way overdid it with the perms and crap back then and I do not miss those days!

Right now my hair is around 37 inches long. One of these days when I can't take the headaches any longer, I'll get some of it cut off and donate it to Locks of Love. I'm just not quite ready, but I'll be sure to let you know when I am. I've already checked with one of my BFFs back east and she said I have enough for two pony tails to donate.

Ugh! I'm so glad I don't do anything with my hair like that anymore! Now I have more time to, um, blog? Maybe.