January 5, 2009

Funk 49

What keeps YOU from blogging?

Sleep all day, party all night? Me too. Or, somethin like that. except without the partying part.

Actually, I micro-blog every day almost, but it's not aggregated here on the big blog. I wonder if I should do that so I wouldn't feel like I was neglecting this space so much. I have so many plans for this space but it was really hard to find the time when we had family visiting these past few weeks.

Now, where did I put that To Do list?

Which one?

I've tried implementing Twitter and Tumblr on here, but it makes the blog load so slooooow.

I'll think of something.

Maybe I'll try to put using the F12 blogger widget back into my workflow. Right now, my thoughts are just so random and fleeting and that's not usually my style for my blog. I like my blog posts to be more complete and better thought out. Pretty-looking even.

Maybe it's time for a change?

Sometimes my OCD gets in the way because of having to craft a title for each post? Hmmmm. Maybe I should resort to a Deep Thoughts from Jack Handy format with numbers. Then I'd have to keep track of the numbers. Meh.

Is there some random automatic blog post title generator that makes something nice looking that makes sense? You know, for us lazy people.

Ok, back to finishing the email back to my husband that I started an hour ago. Oh, wait. I already sent that out. What was I doing? Oh yeah. Making a list and clic

so many distractions, so little time.