January 5, 2009

Steve and Apple Will Be Fine

There is a lot of hoopla surrounding the health of Steve Jobs and whether or not Apple will survive without him should he retire or become too ill to continue as CEO of Apple.

Steve will be just fine. I'm not really that worried since he wrote to me and told me he would be eating his veggies more often. He's been so busy running Apple that he hasn't had as much time as he'd like to spend with his family, so cut the guy some slack. I can certainly relate to that. I'm sure Steve just wants to sit in front of his 32-foot cinema display and crank out some iMovies and slide shows of his kids from the past few years he may have missed out on planning for Macworld.

DM me on twitter Steve, I'll tell you where you can mail to me your latest iDVD projects.

Just for fun, I'm dedicating this song to Steve Jobs. I'm sure he's probably got it in his iPhone already.

I've been a Mac user since 1990 and I don't plan on using anything else no matter who gives the Keynote tomorrow or the next time. I'm sure there will be more Keynotes or some other kinds of love letters to come; they just might not be delivered from a stage in front of a big screen with some dude holding a clicker in his hand. Come on now, Uncle Steve is savvy with the times. He knows he can just email me a link or put up an iTunes feed. I'll click it. The carbon footprint is so much smaller on that anyhow.

Afterall, it is The start of a new era.