April 25, 2009

The Ultimate Chimera

Dear Parents,
Please tell me that your child too has a word or words they have made up that you have no earthly clue what it is or means.

Nate and I are going out of our minds trying to figure out this one word Lucian has made up. Some time ago, it took us about three months to figure out what "do me" meant. At least, that's what it sounded like when he was saying it. Finally, Nate figured out that what Lucian was trying to say was "Excuse me."


His new word is "dumonoksox" and we are going nucking futs trying to figure out what it is or even how to spell it. Nate and I both have tried tricking him into showing us "dumonoksox" or asking what color it is. No dice. He foils us every time.

Daddy: "Lucian, where is "dumonoksox?"
Lucian: "It's in the bedroom."
Daddy: "Where, show me, let's go look!"
Lucian: "It's on the table!"
Daddy: "Darn! I almost had it!"

Lucian sings songs about "dumonoksox." He uses it in sentences. He butters his bread with it. (just kidding)

We have no clue.

Nate suggested I blog about this, so I did. He came up with the title, of course.

Maybe I'll press publish and someday we'll find out what or who "dumonoksox" is.
We can only hope. Maybe it's related to the Jersey Devil. Who knows!