September 25, 2009

Some Results & Findings

Greetings from my iPhone. I'm now composing this post using the built in Mail app where it's mostly comfortable typing in landscape mode.

- No typesetting or text formatting available
- I can only seem to post one photo at a time

I'm thinking there has got to be a way to place more than one photo in an email on the iPhone and I just have yet to figure it out.

So, for now, here is a screen shot of my last blog post as seen from my iPhone. Notice how you can see and interact with only the YouTube video that was posted using a link, not an embed code. Of course the Vimeo video doesn't show because it's flash. Not sure why, but evidently the iPhone can't handle embed code for YouTube either.

For my next trick, I'm going to save this message as a draft and then edit it back on my MacBook Pro. Gmail IMAP syncing will allow me to do that. Pretty cool, eh?

Back To My Mac

Ok, now I'm back on the laptop composing this message in I took another screen shot, this time of my Blogger Blog from the Safari browser. As you can see, all three videos appear as intended. This is the same over on my Posterous Blog as well.

Oh yeah, that's the other limitation (among many others I'll think of) with composing blog text on the iPhone. You can't do that fancy little hyperlink thing like you can in on the Mac.

Typesetting Results

The spacing at least looks much better this time around as opposed to last time I tried posting to my Blogger blog from email via Posterous. This time I'm going to add a hard return after the header since it was too close together in the previous post.

I'm also not changing the font from the standard Lucida Sans 12 pt. that my email client is currently set to.

No dice on color changes although now I'm wondering if I somehow stir in some html code in the text as I'm composing it in, I wonder if that would do the trick? Problem is I don't know much code off the top of my head. I know how to do a <s>strikethrough</s>, but that's about it. And, I'm not even sure if I did that correctly. I wonder if composing this message in Rich Text as opposed to Plain Text will have much to do with that theory.

One way to find out!

Pressing the   Button now!! (there is supposed to be a copied screen shot of the send button there in that space, let's see if it shows up!)


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