September 22, 2009

Testing My New Posting Workflow

I'm in the home stretch now with this pregnancy and nesting is really setting in. With that brings this uncontrollable urge to get my ducks in a row and tie up loose ends before the baby gets here because I know I won't have the time and energy to invest in it later.

So, it's all got me thinking about my current blogging workflow. I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to over on my Blogspot blog and it bothers me. I was really hoping I would have documented this pregnancy journey more than I have. I really want and need to blog more but, I've found the Blogger UI to be so very cumbersome that's it's been a real turn off to me. It feels more like a chore to blog using that UI and platform. Many have tried to convince me to use other methods like Wordpress or Tumblr. I've tried them all out — all the ones that didn't cost anything to run, that is. I've been blogging publicly since 2007 and since that time, I have never paid for hosting. Not really sure I want to start if I can find a suitable free solution.

A few weeks ago I finally got an iPhone. It was a huge deal for me and I wanted to blog about it more and just haven't gotten around to it. There are so many blog ideas floating around in my head right now but I just can't get motivated enough to get them out and onto my blog on a more regular basis. Now that I have an iPhone, it's opened up a whole new mobile, and portable world to me. I now find myself looking for ways to blog using my iPhone. Since Posterous is basically hooked up to email, what could be easier than composing and email message on my iPhone and using this as a blogging tool?

I'm now exploring iPhone apps and methods I can use to make my iPhone a good intermittent blogging tool.

These are some random questions, thoughts and ideas I have about using Posterous to possibly replace my current blogging method using Blogger.

Text Formatting
One of the things I enjoy about blogging and using Blogger, is the ability to "typeset" and format my text. Right now, I'm writing this post using I can format, on a limited basis, some of the text, but then I'm not sure how that translates onto the Posterous site. I think it depends on which template you use or if you know how to tweak the HTML code. This is something I'll certainly be exploring.

Subject Lines
I was thinking I wouldn't use a subject line, but then I got to thinking about archiving these posts using my email client, Thinking about archiving workflow. Perhaps I should create a new folder for these posts.
Do I really want to do that? The way archives messages isn't exactly pretty. Maybe I don't keep the emails and find some other way to just archive the Posterous blog.

Will Posterous come to replace my Blogspot blog?

Now that I'm trying out Posterous, I'm feeling more abitious and more motivated to blog more regularly because of the method by which I'll be using to actually get a blog posted in various places like my blogspot blog, facebook, twitter, friendfeed, etc.

Inserting photos and movie clips
Seems easy enough using the Photo Browser in to insert the photos. Haven't yet tried movies. Will try that next.

I was just reading a Posterous link submitted by Robert Scoble. I left a comment explaining some of my current thoughts on this process and activity.

Here is one of my YouTube videos just to see how it handles the link.

I'm wondering if I can somehow create some sort of graphically pleasing template using so that it would load proper design elements into the Posterous Post as well as my Blogger layout.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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