October 15, 2009


A family member posted a question on Facebook asking advice about balancing work and family.

Someone put something in my powdered juice mix. This was my answer and I can't believe the box let me type it all in there.

✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺ ✂ ☺

I think Balance is the Holy Grail of Motherhood and we're on a constant quest to achieve it. The fact that we don't always achieve Balance keeps us humble. I think some people can afford to make it all look and smell good; the rest of us do the best we can with what we have.

It is possible to do more with less. I didn't say it was comfortable, but when you do it for a while, you get used to it. Bonuses are truly special that way.

Unfortunately, I always strive to be a better parent than my parents were. I say unfortunately because I'd rather be trying to emulate good parents; not trying to undo and break cycles of generations of abuse from all angles. Again, I work with what I have and try to improve upon it. Liquor nor drugs are the answer, but sometimes they are an aide, especially when prescribed. Better living through chemistry, but pick your poison carefully.

It also has something to do with what you define as "work." If you do something you enjoy, you'll never work. Tasks for which you are compensated monetarily will coexist with tasks for which you're compensated in that which is much more valuable than money. If you have priorities in order and put yourself and people first before things in your life and keep it simple, it gives you wiggle room for something closer to what may resemble balance.

Thank God for the life you live and the people in it. Nothing else matters quite as much.

Ok, that was fun. Now, excuse me now while I go back to freaking out about more important things in life like whether or not the slip covers are on straight and the kid put his books and toys away. Because, when I can't control what's happening to my body and I'm getting cut open in less than 20 days and will soon have a screaming infant again...you know...balance is making sure the coffee cups in the sink don't topple over and wake everyone up just when I finally pass out.

Posted via email from TheMacMommy