October 18, 2009

I Was In Las Vegas. again. sorta. Did Ya Miss Me?

My Tweet Made the Big Screen at Blogworld!
Thanks to Allison Sheridan for snapping this photo! Cool beans!!

I love being able to "virtually attend" Blogworld Expo every year. One of these days I will try to get there "in the flesh."
One of these days I won't have a child attached to me. These times don't last forever, so Blogworld-Live will just have to wait. Since I've been in nesting mode and preparing for the arrival of our new baby, I didn't get to follow along quite as much, but I did manage to see bits and pieces by following my favorite peeps on twitter and watching a webcast or two. Same as last year, I managed to get in some little contribution to Allison and her Nosillacast, which is always fun to do.

I "virtually" attended last year and had lots of fun. Read about my adventures in couch surfing from last year.

Don't forget to check out my podcast, Moms Gone Geek and listen to our interview with Allison Sheridan, who presented at #bwe09 this year.

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We have a few more shows still on ice that we'll be producing and publishing soon. (Before baby gets here, I hope!!!)

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