November 2, 2009

Labor Data & Update

This is what the data looks like from the iPhone app called "Baby's Coming" which is a contraction timer app. I'm also using an app called "Total Baby" which is aimed at logging info on the baby like feedings, wet diapers, dr appts, etc. I'm actually using it now to log info about ME that I know the hospital staff will likely ask me later. It sounds awful, and truth be told, it's not pretty but when you have a c-section, you end up being monitored just like the baby and they even measure your pee and poop to make sure your organs are working once they put you back together after they extract the baby. Meds will be dosed on a tight schedule and also meals. So, I figured why not add myself as one of the "children" that needs to be logged. I just entered my last meal, meds I've taken and noted my contraction info, among other details so I'll hopefully know what answers to give nurses when they ask after I've been admitted.   

I've had to stop several times now while writing this to note my contractions and; re-copy and paste the new data!

Baby is still active and moving a lot. I really think he wants out soon.

The surgery is scheduled for 12 noon today, so hopefully we can hold out for it, but 11 hours feels like a long time to be like this so unless these contractions start spreading out like they did an hour ago, we may have to leave earlier for the hospital than planned.

The OB on call told me to try and rest up (yeah, right!) and to just report to the hospital once we have a consistant pattern of contractions lasting 1 min and 5-10 mins apart for at least an hour. Well, I can check the 1 minute duration off the list and I can also check off the 5-10 min. intervals, but the consistant for 1 hour is what I'm working on now. Also, they can not cut me open until I've not had any food for more than 6 hours. Looking at my food log in the Total Baby app, it tells me it's only been closer to 5 hrs. since I last ate. So, we couldn't even leave for the hospital for another 1 hr. anyway.

I took some Tylenol PM and I'm starting to feel sleepy but I just don't see how I'll sleep through these contractions!

Well, that's the update for now. Nate is sleeping and I'm trying to lay down and rest in between contractions and going potty which is extremely hard to do when it feels like there is an ice pick in my bladder!!

I'm taking it minute by minute. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, thoughts, tweets, posts, and phone calls. It really means so much to Nate and I.

I'm going to keep resting while pressing the start/stop button on the iPhone app. It does really make it so much easier to rest because of the minimal effort to use the app. I can keep the lights off, Nate can sleep (which is what I need him to do!), I can lie on my side and just reach out a finger to the iPhone I have setting right here by my bedside and touch the screen.

Bags are packed and ready. Gadgets are charging. Computers are backed up. Lucian is sleeping over at Oma and Opa's house. Oma French braided my hair and alarms are set.

Rock n Roll!

Contraction  1:09:04 AM (duration: 1 min 30s, interval: 7 min 1s)
Contraction  12:59:59 AM (duration: 2 min 2s, interval: 6 min 19s)
Contraction  12:52:01 AM (duration: 1 min 39s, interval: 5 min 21s)
Contraction  12:45:34 AM (duration: 1 min 5s, interval: 9 min 37s)
Contraction  12:35:05 AM (duration: 50s, interval: 6 min 35s)
Contraction  12:26:48 AM (duration: 1 min 41s, interval: 6 min 1s)
Contraction  12:18:38 AM (duration: 2 min 8s, interval: 4 min 34s)
Contraction  12:12:36 AM (duration: 1 min 27s, interval: 2 min 6s)
Contraction  12:09:45 AM (duration: 44s, interval: 8 min 54s)
Contraction  11:58:58 PM (duration: 1 min 52s, interval: 2s)
Contraction  11:58:55 PM (duration: 1s, interval: 8 min 14s)
Contraction  11:48:54 PM (duration: 1 min 45s, interval: 8 min 14s)
Contraction  11:39:44 PM (duration: 55s, interval: 23 min 14s)
Contraction  11:14:44 PM (duration: 1 min 45s, interval: 28 min 45s)
Contraction  10:44:40 PM (duration: 1 min 17s, interval: 12 min 44s)
Contraction  10:31:09 PM (duration: 47s, interval: 12 min 35s)
Contraction  10:17:29 PM (duration: 1 min 4s, interval: 14 min 21s)
Contraction  10:01:55 PM (duration: 1 min 12s, interval: 31 min 20s)
Contraction  9:28:48 PM (duration: 1 min 46s, interval: 13 min 43s)
Contraction  9:13:52 PM (duration: 1 min 11s, interval: 9 min 19s)
Contraction  9:03:21 PM (duration: 1 min 11s, interval: 9 min 57s)
Contraction  8:51:53 PM (duration: 1 min 31s, interval: 7 min 38s)
Contraction  8:42:25 PM (duration: 1 min 48s, interval: 7 min 22s)
Contraction  8:33:28 PM (duration: 1 min 34s, interval: 5 min 31s)
Contraction  8:25:27 PM (duration: 2 min 30s, interval: 16 min 24s)
Contraction  8:07:05 PM (duration: 1 min 57s, interval: N/A)