November 29, 2009

Week 3 Update

I can't believe Keagan will soon be a month old. Time flies! One day kind of just turns into the next. There isn't really much of a today or tomorrow right now. Many times I just love to watch him sleep. You would think with all the sleeping he does that I'd be getting more sleep! Well, he sleeps a lot, but it's only for 2 to 3 hour increments each time. Sometimes Nate gives him a bottle and lets me sleep so I can get closer to a 4 hour nap but it doesn't happen much. My mother-in-law has been a godsend coming over during the week and helping out. I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm so grateful for her help and so happy Lucian has such a great relationship with his grandmother. It reminds me of my relationship with my own Grandmom.

Right now both Nate and I have head colds. I've since lost my voice and I squeak when I talk. It sounds funny. It's not so funny when I'm trying to give a distracted 3 year old instructions however. We're trying to recover but it's extra hard when we're both sick at the same time on top of having a new baby to care for on top of keeping a 3 year old from feeling left out. Lucian has a sore throat and runny nose but he doesn't act like he's sick. We're debating keeping him home from school on Monday. Keagan is stuffy and has a severe diaper rash from yeast. We went to an urgent care on Friday and got prescription Nystatin for it. I hope it helps because he is really uncomfortable and fussy because of the diaper rash. I would go to sleep but he keeps fussing and then falling back to sleep and I fear the moment I pass out he'll really wake up.

Yesterday, Lucian started playing with a little baby Cabbage Patch Kid doll (it's mine from childhood — a little boy infant named Ian) and it's been so adorable watching him interact with "his baby" and all the pretending and mimicking he's been doing. Today we gave the babies a bath. He puts his baby doll in Keagan's car seat and drags him all around the house taking him "places" like the "kleenex" — which in Lucian Language means "clinic" as in doctor or hospital. He also has one of those Fisher Price doctor kits he likes to play with. It's all so cute. Lucian is a really great big brother and he loves Keagan, but he also likes to pester the baby which can get annoying. I know it's hard for him to contain his excitement and it's even harder to be patient waiting for his little brother to get big enough for him to play with. He's doing a little bit of regressing when it comes to potty training which we were told by many to expect. It's not so bad and we're dealing with it. We try our best to make sure Lucian doesn't feel left out. I try to spend time with just him whenever I can. I keep reminding him how he is the little boy of my dreams.

Nursing is getting a little better except for the yeast diaper rash on Keagan now. He doesn't have thrush luckily. I'm still experiencing some soreness but it's mostly manageable now. Sometimes the pain really curls my toes but I know it won't last forever. The engorgement is better under control now too. Now comes the fun part of trying to figure out what's best for me to eat and what to avoid so it doesn't irritate him. Dairy is going to be hard to cut down, but that's the first culprit I suspect. I've been through this all before but it's amazing what you have to relearn 3 years later. Also there is new information so I'll be doing some research! I've also gone to a breast feeding support group twice now and I really like it and hope I can keep going. It's hard taking Lucian but we'll see how it goes. Even a "seasoned breastfeeder" like myself has much to learn and I've gotten a lot of helpful tips and information. It also feels so good to share my experiences with others in hopes I can help another mom out.

Here are some recent snapshots and notes. I LOVE using my iPhone to snap pics of Keagan. I also love making little movie clips. I wish I had more time to post what I've accumulated. They say the second-born doesn't get much in the way of photos or documentation compared to the first-born. I'm trying to not go overboard, but I also don't want Keagan to feel left out later on. Doing pretty good about that so far. I wish the movies were better quality though. I'm in the process of researching digital cameras. We got a new one we really like but there are just a few things that make me want to take it back and get an upgraded model.

Anyhow....just wanted this to be a quickie are the latest snapshots!


Chillin on my Boppy. It's so luxurious and comfy with this 2-sided cover. Each side is a different fabric and this brown fabric is soooo soft! Mommy and I just love it! It helps make nursing more comfy and snuggly. (Thanks Najeeb! This is something we got with your gift certificate. You're the best!)


ahhhh. so snuggly on my boppy. Mommy just loves to watch me sleep.


Dooood! Wassup?


I just work here.


I'm getting so big! 10 lbs. 2 oz now :) woohoo!


mmmmmm booooobeeee juice. peeing on everyone who dares change my diaper. he he he he





Got milk? I had some issues with plugged ducts the first 2 weeks my milk came in and so I had to pump often to keep the engorgement down otherwise Keagan couldn't latch on and it was next to impossible to sleep with these milk jugs!

Pretty proud of my stash, but I really didn't expect to end up with this surplus. There is close to a half gallon of milk in our freezer now. Luckily I'm doing better and not having to pump much any more. I probably over-stimulated myself in the process but I was terrified of getting mastitis from being backed up so I kept pumping. Things have calmed down a little more now. Moooooooo!!!

Please don't tell Ben & Jerry about this!

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