December 14, 2009

Strike A Pose - 6 Weeks

Nurse. Sleep. Poop and Pee.

Growing strong and mighty. Developing social skills like smiling and foaming at the mouth. (ok, well, little suds bubbles anyhow.)

Chick magnet when worn in a Baby Bjorn on front of Daddy.
Daddy likey.

Wish I had more time to do other things, but sleep is still so overrated these days.

I asked Lucian if we could keep him or if we had to send him back. Lucian said we can keep him. You're all my witnesses!

Just about over my head cold. Little nagging cough left, but feeling better, just tired and joint pains still. Keagan's diaper rash is healing but it doesn't keep him from launching missile attacks on us come diaper changing time.

He giggles a lot in his sleep and sometimes smiles at us when he's conscious which is becoming more and more each day.

It all goes so fast except when I'm waiting for my turn to snooze!


Keagan & Mommy

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