January 16, 2010

Got Junk in Your Drawers?

You have a dirty mind.

And evidently so does someone living in this house or an old roommate who has left a thing or two behind. Ahem.

No, I'm not excluding myself.

So I was cleaning out a junk drawer this evening -- what? You only have ONE?! -- and I discovered some magnetic poetry. You know -- the kind you can put on your fridge where they are individual magnets with words on them?

Now that I'm a parent I see things very differently. When I discovered this box of magnetic words I immediately thought, "Cool! I can use this as a learning tool for when the boys start reading words. Wouldn't it be fun to put sentences together on the fridge?"

Well -- it turns out there is the regular version and then there is an adult version. Yeah. Sure -- words like 'leg' or 'moist' or 'stroke' seemed innocent enough. Then words for other body parts started showing up.

One word rhymes with banana split and another one rhymes with double click.

Somehow two sets got mixed together and ended up scattered in the bottom of a junk drawer.

While it would be totally fun to put a scandelous message on the fridge for dear Hubby to see -- my luck we'll forget to take it off before Lucian learns to read and then we'll have some 'splainin to do!!

So, um, yeah -- I don't have the patience right now to sit and sort through all 300 little magnets to make a kid-friendly version and a beer fridge version so I'm putting them back in the junk drawer. Now that I've blogged this I can only hope we remember to think twice before attempting to play with them next time we host a playdate at our home!!

I can just see it now: "oh look! magnetic words! Ummm, Mrs. Davis, what's this word mean? Is it some kind of playdoh made from dill pickles?"

Beware of the junk drawer!

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