January 13, 2010

Hands Free Blogging?

I'm recording this message using an iPhone app called dictation made by Dragon I'm not using a keyboard I'm just using my voice and I'm talking and it's recording what I'm saying I'm wondering if I can post a blog post using this application it seems you have to keep talking in order for keep recording or else it stops and you have to press the record button again actually no it only records for certain amount of time I wish there was a countdown so I can see how much time I have left before it stops recording my voice it only records for so long and then it tells you it's processing and then you have to press record again emergency continuing the same message as you can see if you're reading this message some of the words don't really make sense. So it's good but it's not perfect. I've also found that it's very difficult to just talk stream of consciousness for me personally. Anyhow I just thought this was a fun little app to try out and see how it might come in handy for hosting status updates or blog posts or even tweet I wonder if anyone else has used this app called dictation by dragon I also noticed that there's no capitalization or punctuation and you must also speak very clearly I guess that makes sense of course I suppose it saves time and that you don't have to type everything out and then you just go back in and edit were text with proper E. capitalization and punctuation I'm sure you can figure out where the mistakes are in this text I wonder how this would be used in combination with the iPhone's built-in universal access features in other words being able to speak commands such as Don or capitalize the letter AA or stop with me and insert it. It would be great if I could just say e-mail, post and have it actually e-mail the text to posters and have it show up on on my blog automatically or auto magically I wonder if it will figure out that word well anyhow Hailis just having some fun. Let me know if you used this app and how you used it and if you like it

Melissa Davis
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