January 20, 2010

More Blogging Toys - Adding Audio

Right now, I'm using the Dragon iPhone app called Dictate to record my voice and transcribe it into text. (I tried this before, but it's since been updated) Next, I'm going to copy and paste that text into an e-mail that I'm going to compose using the Voice Memo app so that I can also attach an audio file to the text for this post.

The Dictate app did ok, but I had to come back and manually edit most of the text here on the iPhone to correct the grammar. I thought perhaps the update would be an improvement but it still stops recording every so often. In the time it took me to speak it and then edit it all, I believe I could have hammered it out on the iPhone keyboard faster and more efficiently.

Finally, I'm going to post this email to Posterous which will in turn, post to my Blogger blog, facebook, Twitter, friendfeed, etc.

What I'm most curious about is what will become of the audio recording I've attached. Last time it didn't work but that last post went FUBAR anyhow. Let's see if the audio file attaches this time.

Download now or listen on posterous
Testing an audio snipit.m4a (142 KB)

I also went into my facebook Notes application settings and tried removing my blogger rss feed. I didn't like the result. It seems that instead, I need to remove the Posterous autopost from facebook so that wall posts are not duplicated. If I just leave the blog feeding the notes and the notes feeding the wall, I think that might make the user experience more positive so they won't have to leave facebook to read my blog. Only problem with that is my blog traffic stats then take a hit -- which isn't a huge deal to me since I primarily use facebook to keep in touch with friends & family. It's just not something I'd recommend for a business or professional brand. I suppose it all depends on where you pull your stats from and which services you like best.

Play It Again, Sam
Now, let's also see if I did html formatting, tagging and signature removal correctly!

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