February 2, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

(edit: previous post had omitted photos for some reason. oops!)

Yay! He likes it!

He made me fish (playdoh blue shark cutouts, to be exact) and electric spaghetti. We love to use the playdoh kits he got for Christmas.

We managed to capture Keagan's 3-month hand and footprints. It was not easy. I'm excited to see how they turn out when dried. If it works well, we may try this Crayola air dry clay again.

Didn't manage to get photos taken yet. I'm hoping to try tomorrow. I have a really cute outfit picked out. Keagan is only 3 months old, but he's wearing 6 month sized clothing! He is such a little stomper!

He is making the cutest noises attempting to talk. He "howls" like a Husky. It's so adorable and I'm hoping to capture a recording sometime. More fun tomorrow, and I hope we're all recuperating some more.

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