March 6, 2010

All Those Years of Watching CSI Finally Paid Off

If you were a pair of prescription glasses belonging to a 3 year old and went missing, where would you hide out?

That's the question I've been asking myself for the past day and a half.

The answer is -- behind our headboard under OUR bed, of course!!

Thanks to our handy-dandy laser flash light (married to a science teacher, remember?) I (Daddy helped) went super sleuthing all over the house pretending I was Catherine Willows because she's the ex- stripper on CSI Las Vegas processing a house in a crime scene. I even used the blacklight setting. I EVEN DUG THROUGH OUR TRASH CANS!!

Ewww! Why? Because my darling, sweet little Lucian told me he put his glasses in the trash "because they were dirty." Yes. The child has a warped sense of humor.

(Thanks, Mom. Hope you're happy now.)

This is the very reason kids are cute: so they live into their teenage years.

I've been told that next, they start to smell and then I'm not sure what Darwin says is the reason they make it into adulthood.

What's still an unsolved mystery is: Why do we bother with actual toys?


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