April 13, 2010

Maker of Things You Can Only Imagine

Who needs real toys? I mean seriously. Wish I'd known we could have more fun with cardboard diaper boxes, card stock, masking tape and a lazy susan. Countless parents have warned me about this, so now I'm warning you.

Don't buy toys. (or, in our case, accept hand-me-downs for free)

Make them.

The less realistic, the better.

I give you Exhibit A

Remember when I made this for Lucian?

He lost interest in it after a while, so I was about to put it into recycling when he discovered something new he could do with it. It's no longer a stove. Now it's a spaceship. Oh, and he also now has a co-pilot!

Exhibit B

Enjoy your kids.

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Makers of Things You Can Only Imagine

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