July 1, 2011

Guest on 'Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 010'

Last week I was a guest on Not Another Mac Podcast with my friends Mark and Kevin. This is the last time I knew I'd be able to talk before my tonsillectomy surgery so I gave Skype a run for its money and even managed to break it temporarily! Had a great time recording with these guys. Looking forward to another show after my voice has healed!

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Audio Source: Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 10

Here is an except from Mark's blog:
"This week sees Dennis back in the hosting chair keeping Mark in line and on topic…Well trying to anyway! Discussing all things Apple and Macintosh!
Melissa Davis and Kevin Allder are our guests this week. 
Melissa can be found at http://www.themacmommy.com or http://momsgonegeek.net/ where she produces a technology based podcast and blog relating to technology in the home and how it effects your daily lifestyle. Melissa can also be found on Twitter with username @TheMacMommy  
Kevin can be found http://biginva.posterous.com/ and can also be found on Twitter with username: http://twitter.com/Big_in_VA  
The topics on this Episode revolved solely around MobileMe and the services which have officially been discontinued. We discuss other options to the MobileMe offerings whilst also discussing the disappointing way in which many useful MobileMe services have just been discontinued without Apple assisting users to move to new services."