Monday, August 29, 2011

Melts My Heart

This past weekend, Lucian said something that just melted my heart and I never want to forget it.

Nate and I were getting ready to go out on a date, thanks to our friends to offered to babysit for us. We have been trying to "date" more regularly now because, well, it's good for us. When you have little kids, it's really hard to find time for yourself let alone with your spouse. It feels good to take time out to shave, dress up and apply makeup or perfume once in a while.

I was sitting on the edge of our bed putting my earrings on. I had just finished most of my hair, makeup and put on some new scented moisturizer. I was feeling pretty decent about the outfit I had picked out.

Lucian was standing in the doorway staring at me. Sometimes he stares off into space like we all do, but this time he was watching me intently.

I looked over at him after a little while and he said to me,

"Mommy, I'm staring at your because you look so beautiful! And you smell so gooooood!"

Doesn't that just make you melt? I told him thank you very much and that his compliment made me feel so good.

He truly is the little boy of my dreams.

Then, Keagan barged into the room and proceeded to claw at my top and demanded to be nursed. That child has not met any cleavage he didn't like! Ah well, he won't always be a boobie boy — someday he'll wean and I'll miss it or he'll chase other girls around! I suppose I'm doing them a favor? ;)

I love to be needed and I love to be loved.

A few other little things of note from Lucian are some words he's made up that I think are just too cute.

(1) He calls hand sanitizer "hanitizer." Makes sense to me!
(2) I asked Lucian to get a pizza out of the upright freezer out back (yes, we keep our freezer, washing machine and dryer outside of the home here in the desert where those things just heat up the house unnecessarily!)

When he came back in, he said,
"Mommy, I brought the pizza in from the freezerator."

Freezerator — get it? Freezer that looks like a refrigerator = Freezerator.

Yep, that's my Lucian!

IGG Software Pledges One-Day Sales Revenue to Vermont Disaster Relief

August 29, 2011
(PUTNEY, VT) — In the aftermath of statewide flooding and destruction caused by Hurricane Irene, IGG Software today announced that 100% of sales revenue generated on Monday, August 29 will be donated to Vermont relief programs. Sales at both IGG’s online store and the Mac App Store will count toward the total. In addition, IGG will double that amount with a matching contribution of its own.
“IGG is a part of the Vermont community, and our community has suffered tremendous damage and loss,” said IGG president Ian Gillespie. “We’ve been given so much by Vermont, and now we’re fortunate to be able to give back.”
IGG Software, Inc. has been Vermont-based since shortly after its founding in 2003. The majority of its employees are also located in towns throughout Vermont, many of which were hit by devastating flash floods that destroyed homes, roads and bridges. Some of IGG’s team members were affected personally with significant property damage and, in one case, an emergency evacuation.
IGG’s software products include iBank 4, the leading Mac-only personal finance program; iBiz 4, a complete small business solution for time-tracking and invoicing; and iBiz Professional, a networkable package for teams in which multiple users generate billable hours.
The retail price of iBank 4 is $59.99; licensed users of iBank 3 can upgrade for $29.99. iBank 4 requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher, is Lion-ready, and will run on Macs using either Intel or PowerPC processors. The latest version can be downloaded at, where there is also access to a growing library of iBank 4 video tutorials.
iBiz 4 sells for $39.99, and upgrades are $19.99. iBiz Pro retails for $99.99 and includes one license for iBiz 4 Server and two licenses for iBiz 4 Client. IGG offers free trial downloads, free support and a 90-day unconditional guarantee on direct purchases from the IGG web store.
iBank 4 and iBiz 4 are also available on the Mac App Store. iBank 4 has been a number-one selling finance app, as well as the top-grossing finance app, since the launch of the Mac App Store in January.
IGG Software, Inc., was founded in 2003 by developer Ian Gillespie to offer intuitive, elegant and powerful applications for individuals and small business. Based in Putney, Vermont, its flagship products are iBank, for personal finance management, and iBiz, for time-tracking and billing. For further information, review licenses, or to schedule interviews with Ian Gillespie or Chief Architect James Gillespie, please contact IGG Marketing Director Scott Marc Becker:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Too Bad I'd Need to Move to Be an At-Home Advisor


I don't know why I never knew this position existed!

Perhaps because it's only available in 3 states: TN, UT and GA. What a bummer! Hey Apple, I already do this job. Can you add AZ to the list, pretty please?

Company cafeteria.  Redefine work.

Company cafeteria.  Redefine work

What if you could enjoy all the comforts of home while working with the coolest new technology? What if you could tap into great employee benefits without even leaving your bedroom? What if that job also happens to be with America’s technology innovator? Now you can redefine work—your way—as an Apple At-Home Advisor. Welcome to your future.


Work the Way You Live

In this critical role, you’ll create another outstanding Apple experience for our customers. As the first point of contact, you’ll field calls from people with iPhone or Mac questions. You’ll provide award-winning customer service, troubleshooting, and support. You’ll use your technical expertise, creativity, and passion to improve people’s lives and put a smile on their faces. You’ll impress, engage, and inspire, all from the comfort of your own living room. Or den. Or bedroom.


Who We’re Looking For

You’ll work independently, from home, 40 hours a week. You’ll use your technical savvy to multitask across systems and applications, analyzing and resolving a variety of complex technical issues. You’ll need excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively prioritize and manage your time. You’ll need to be a creative problem solver and decision maker who can self-motivate and work as part of our virtual team. You should also be comfortable navigating a Windows environment.


And Now for the Good Stuff

As a full-time Apple employee, you’ll be entitled to all the perks that come with working for America’s coolest company. These include fantastic benefits, employee discounts, and the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to people’s lives. What else? You’ll start to build a career with an amazing company. There’s no commute, so you’ll save on gas. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by working from home for a green company. You can wear your bunny slippers to work, every day. You’ll redefine work.

Redefine Work for Yourself

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity that suits your passions, we’d like to hear from you.

Some Things You’ll Need

To be an At-Home Advisor, your workspace must meet specific criteria and you should have certain skills. Below are some of the requirements for this position.

A private workspace in your house, where ambient noise can be minimized during work hours.

A workspace with a desk and ergonomically fitted chair that allows proper installation of your technical equipment.*

An analog phone line that can be dedicated to contact center calls (monthly allowance provided by Apple).**

Internet service meeting minimum system requirements (monthly allowance provided by Apple).**

Self-motivation and the ability to work remotely from coworkers and management.

Technical savvy, including the ability to install, maintain, and troubleshoot your own hardware and software.

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Monday, August 1, 2011