May 2, 2012

Big Girl Steps

Yesterday I bought my very first luggage set, ever! I've never in my life actually owned a suitcase. In the traveling I have done, it's always been with backpacks and duffel bags — diaper bags even.

This is major big girl stuff right here!

I'm so proud of this set of suitcases, especially because they are purple! (to match my laptop, of course) They have spinning wheels on the bottom and two-position locking pull bars. The boys love pulling them across the floor and spinning them around. Right now, Keagan enjoys hiding his toys in them and playing with the zippers.

It wasn't until I got them home that I realized they are made by Oleg Cassini. I personally care very little about brand names and fashion so I had to laugh at myself there. I just care about how durable they look and the set was under $100 so the price was right.

I have a set of purple suitcases! (doing the happy Snoopy dance!)

I also got an "Phone Pod Universal Smart Phone Holder" and I LOVE it! I clip it to Keagan's stroller and he is happy and content to play Angry Birds Space and watch Blues Clues on Netflix!

Ok, so now all I need to do is book our flights and arrange for transportation to and from the airport for us all. sigh. I just want to vomit thinking about the air fare and travel stress but I'm excited to see my family and friends in June and July. I can't believe it's been two years since we've traveled back east. How time flies. Now it's time to fly!


  1. I am reminded of flying from Wellington, New Zealand to Vancouver, Canada with two not-quite-three year olds. They did not like flying.

    We transited Honolulu on the way and I distinctly remember literally dragging them onto the next flight, having worn them out running up and down the terminal. Despite the (literal) howls of protest, they were asleep before we got to the runway!

    The trip home two months later was dreaded by all though turned out to be less of a drama, with many bribes/distractions to hand. But my strongest memory of the trip home was one of them throwing up as we were on final approach to Auckland - when even the cabin crew were strapped in.

    It was an exhausting trip each way, but we did all enjoy the Vancouver experience immensely.

  2. I suppose I should keep a barf bag handy then! Yikes! Yes, traveling with little ones is no picnic. It's not easy on them either. I just hope whatever happens, someday we can look back and laugh at it??


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