Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hand Made iPad Tip: Label - Case - BubCap


Got a new iPad? Protect it from getting scuffed and maybe even lost. In this Hand-Made iPad Tip, I discuss labeling your iPad using clear labeling tape, securing your home button with a BubCap and making your iPad more functional and protected.

HatTip: +Knight Wise of for recommending the rooCASE. I love it!

Product Links:

A note about BubCap: yes, you can go into Settings and enable Guided Access, but a BubCap is still faster!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Find My Santa

Christmas Eve 2012 - Lucian and Mommy are checking in on Santa's GPS location using the Google Earth app on our iPad.

Doodle-Track Car Set

The boys got a Doodle-Track Car Set for Christmas. Here it is in action. I had a great time with it. I experimented with different lines and thicknesses and then I tried some patterns to see what it could do. It's a fun toy.

I haven't yet, but want to try it with a regular sharpie marker. So far it has worked fine on the blank side of wrapping paper. Below is an affiliate link where you can buy it from Amazon.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Make A List and Tap It Twice

  ...gonna find out who's naughty or nice...

Need a last minute gift for a friend or relative who is also a parent to small children?

Here's an idea just in time for the holiday to help show children the importance of being good for goodness sake (and also for a cookie or extended game time with their new toys after Christmas Day!)

You can gift an app from the iOS App Store!
(I've been known to 'speak for the treeeees!')

Go to this link in the App Store or type "ireward chart" into the search box.
Then, after you've logged some good deeds, you can have your child email their iReportCard to Santa directly from within the Share feature of the app. Even Grandma on Facebook can see when they have earned a reward.

My kids love the sounds the stars make. Keagan calls them "good stars" (since he doesn't yet say 'gold' quite right)
When they hear a "red star" sound, it really gets their attention!

Ah Pavlov would be so proud!

Friday, December 21, 2012

iBank year-end price promotion: 20% off thru Dec. 31

All iBank Apps Also 20% Off at the App Stores

(PUTNEY, VT) — Whether you celebrate the Solstice or Festivus, Christmas or Kwanzaa, IGG Software is spreading good cheer this holiday season is by announcing 20% savings on iBank 4 for Mac and iBank for iPad. Year-end sale prices on these market-leading personal finance apps are available at the IGG website and at Apple's App Stores, from December 20 through 31.

"We're focused on delivering the best finance applications for the Mac and iOS," says IGG marketing director Scott Marc Becker, "because they give people more control over their lives. Offering great tools at a special price is one more way for us to help folks organize their records for 2012 and manage their hard-earned money even better in the new year."

During the final 12 days of 2012 (December 20 - 31), new online purchases of iBank 4 made at the IGG web store or at the Mac App Store will be just $47.99 — $12.00 in instant savings off the regular price. iBank for iPad, available exclusively for iOS at the App Store, will also be discounted 20% during that period, to a sale price of $11.99.

— iBank 4 is the leading alternative to Quicken for personal finance management on the Mac. Full-featured and fully compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, iBank 4 has been a top-selling and top-grossing finance app at the Mac App Store since the store's inception nearly two years ago. 

Among the many features of iBank 4 are:

• fast transaction entry and dynamic editing options in an intuitive, innovative two-line register
• easy, instant reports
• powerful investment tracking
• enhanced envelope budgeting
• a seamless set-up assistant for transferring data from Mac and PC versions of Quicken, MS Money, or other finance programs
• direct downloads from online accounts
• custom check printing
• robust data export
• iPhone or iPad sync
• 30-day free trial downloads
• unlimited free support (including Live Chat) 
• a 90-day guarantee on direct purchases from the IGG web store. 

iBank updates appear often; the current version is iBank 4.6.1. The regular retail price of iBank 4 is $59.99; licensed users of iBank 3 can upgrade for $29.99. iBank 4 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, and will run on Macs using either Intel or PowerPC processors. The latest version can be downloaded at, where there is also access to a library of iBank 4 video tutorials and an in-depth user manual.

— iBank for iPad, introduced six months ago, remains the top-grossing finance app on the App Store as well. iBank for iPad delivers the most powerful set of money management features available in an iOS app, including budgets, investment tracking, transaction editing and automatic account updates from thousands of banks via the app's Direct Access subscription service. Alternately, data in the app can be updated by syncing with a desktop copy of iBank 4. The regular price of iBank for iPad is $14.99.

— iBank Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch is also 20% off (on sale at $3.99) during this promotion. Users can enter transactions on the go, check account balances, and sync wirelessly with data stored on iBank for Mac, via local Wi-Fi or custom webDAV servers. Regular App Store price is $4.99.

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of IGG Software, Inc., founded in 2003 by developer Ian Gillespie. IGG offers intuitive, elegant and powerful applications for individuals and small businesses. Based in Putney, Vermont, its flagship products are iBank, for personal finance management, and iBiz, for time-tracking and billing. For further information, review licenses, or to schedule interviews with Ian Gillespie or Chief Architect James Gillespie, please contact IGG Marketing Director Scott Marc Becker:

Monday, December 10, 2012