December 23, 2012

Make A List and Tap It Twice

  ...gonna find out who's naughty or nice...

Need a last minute gift for a friend or relative who is also a parent to small children?

Here's an idea just in time for the holiday to help show children the importance of being good for goodness sake (and also for a cookie or extended game time with their new toys after Christmas Day!)

You can gift an app from the iOS App Store!
(I've been known to 'speak for the treeeees!')

Go to this link in the App Store or type "ireward chart" into the search box.
Then, after you've logged some good deeds, you can have your child email their iReportCard to Santa directly from within the Share feature of the app. Even Grandma on Facebook can see when they have earned a reward.

My kids love the sounds the stars make. Keagan calls them "good stars" (since he doesn't yet say 'gold' quite right)
When they hear a "red star" sound, it really gets their attention!

Ah Pavlov would be so proud!

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  1. Indeed. Very nice. These days, mothers should be at pace with the latest trends in technology since children tend to learn how to use these things more than parents do.


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