Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est - fa fa fa far better


Watch Bloodline, Wired's Video Series on the Taxonomy of Fear in Horror Movies

I just watched all of the episodes for this video podcast on my Apple TV and I really enjoyed it. I love the short format, organization and attention to detail. Jay Dayrit  and Jordan Crucchiola are pleasant hosts who get their point across in an easy-to-swallow-pill. I really appreciate the psychological thought process in which they engage. It's both humorous, witty and educational. Who doesn't need a dose of life-saving advice like using a broken arm to unlock a fence when you're trapped and fear certain demise?

I really enjoy their wardrobe. Each time I wonder what will come next. On the most recent episode, whether planned or not, I really appreciated Jordan's brown Dexter Kill Shirt. Something about Jay really reminds me of Breaking Bad's Gus Fring! I'll just die laughing if you bring a bucket of chicken to an episode, Jay!

I think you should keep rolling with the wardrobe "easter eggs" as I see them :)
Keep up the good work and remember, it's just a podcast.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adorable Little App: Check out Endless Alphabet

This is a new favorite of ours here at TheMacMommy headquarters,
(a.k.a, home and sick in bed recovering from the flu). This is a really fun app to entertain
the kiddos up on the Apple TV when beamed from your iPad or iPhone.
Let me know if you too giggle at the letter 'D' and how it says "duh duh duh duh."

Cover Art

Endless Alphabet

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