January 30, 2013

Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est - fa fa fa far better

Watch Bloodline, Wired's Video Series on the Taxonomy of Fear in Horror Movies

I just watched all of the episodes for this video podcast on my Apple TV and I really enjoyed it. I love the short format, organization and attention to detail. Jay Dayrit  and Jordan Crucchiola are pleasant hosts who get their point across in an easy-to-swallow-pill. I really appreciate the psychological thought process in which they engage. It's both humorous, witty and educational. Who doesn't need a dose of life-saving advice like using a broken arm to unlock a fence when you're trapped and fear certain demise?

I really enjoy their wardrobe. Each time I wonder what will come next. On the most recent episode, whether planned or not, I really appreciated Jordan's brown Dexter Kill Shirt. Something about Jay really reminds me of Breaking Bad's Gus Fring! I'll just die laughing if you bring a bucket of chicken to an episode, Jay!

I think you should keep rolling with the wardrobe "easter eggs" as I see them :)
Keep up the good work and remember, it's just a podcast.

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