February 19, 2013

How Do I Watch Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

I just watched the last episode of Downton Abbey. sniff sniff. I need a hug now. damn show!!

I won't spoil it, don't worry.

Here is something cool though, in my opinion: I watched the first season through Netflix on my Apple TV. Season 2, I watched on my iPad in the Amazon Instant Video app. Season 3, I began watching on good ol fashioned over-the-air TV via PBS which is piped in from a big old mother of an antennae on our roof.

When my husband saw how devoted I was to watch it "straight from the tap" -as in- without a bathroom or ice cream break while watching it at its original air date and time, he became intrigued and started watching it too.

With my husband now hooked on it, I started watching it all a second time from Season 1 in Netflix. Then, since I no longer have an Amazon Prime membership, we were watching Season 2 on Hulu Plus on the Apple TV. Because of that I started to fall behind on Season 3 waiting for Hubby to catch up.

I just watched the last 3 episodes using the PBS iPad app with in-app AirPlay streamed to my Apple TV. The picture quality was wonderful with no lag and I could just set my iPad aside and lock the screen while it streamed the show - commercial free - with the ability to pause when Keagan came in the room (earlier than his usual clockwork 3:00 am)

All this tech to watch a show in which the story is set in the 20th Century just as automobiles, rotary telephones and electricity were becoming standard.

Oh the irony!

In the words of Sh!t The Dowager Countess says, "Now I've seen everything!"