August 21, 2013

Guest on 'Not Another Mac Podcast - Episode 117'

I join Mark Greentree on Episode 117 of his Not Another Mac Podcast along with John F. Braun and Kirschen Seah

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from Mark's Show Notes:
Melissa plays with "Woz"
• The film "Jobs"
Polaroid iS2132 21x optical zoom (25mm - 525 mm) camera.
• Photography and pro Mac applications
• Consumer-based applications and iCloud
• We reminisce about technology changes
• Internet connections and associated access

Other Random Mentions:
Steve Jobs: The Journey Is The Reward
Topaz Labs - Photography Software
John's Dragonfly photograph

Our Picks:



Little Snitch 3


iTeleport Developer Site

John F. Braun contributes to: The Mac Observer, Monday's Mac Gadget, Mac Geek Gab Podcast and tweets @johnfbraun

Kirschen Seah can be found at and tweets @kirschen

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